Akena: ‘We have come for serious business, to win’

(Last Updated On: 15 March 2024)

Dokolo | Candidates nominated for Dokolo district woman MP seat by-election will end their campaigns on March 19, per the electoral commission road map.

On Friday, different candidates combed Dokolo district for votes. Each of them is expected to continue through the weekend.

On day three, UPC candidate Aguti Sarah Nyangkori flanked by party president Jimmy Akena went to Okwongodul and Kwera sub-counties.

UPC candidate Nyangkori in Kwera on Friday.

Nyangkori has been telling supporters she is the right successor to the late Cecilia Atim Ogwal. 

Her concept is rooted in health, education, agriculture and the general welfare of her people in the district.

In Anwangi, Kwera sub-county, Akena said they are for serious business. The first business on the order is to win the Dokolo by-election on Thursday, March 21.

“I can assure you that your vote will be protected. I’m not going to leave Dokolo until the last vote is cast, counted, and declared.

“If anyone has any tricks for rigging, is going to meet Akena here,” he said to a wild cheering.

UPC president Akena while campaigning for Nyangkori in Kwera on Friday.

Before this month, UPC campaign and voter protection “machines” were already in Dokolo for planning “the winning strategies”. 

Borrowing from the Oyam North MP by-election triumph in July 2023, UPC says they are motivated for Dokolo.

Early this week, Akena said they have won already and only waiting for celebrations.

Seven women are in the race for the vacant Parliamentary seat.

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