Which way Sanjay Tanna? Sanjay registers in NRM yellow book at new village

(Last Updated On: 14 March 2024)

Tororo | Former contestant for NRM regional vice chairperson for Eastern Uganda Sanjay Tanna has put his particulars in NRM’s yellow book in the ongoing nationwide exercise. 

The former Tororo municipality MP candidate, Tana, has followed the footsteps of the NRM national chairman Yoweri Museveni.

He was registered on Thursday, March 14 at Elgon View Primary School, Senior Quarters Village, Eastern Division in Tororo Municipality.

He previously registered at Orago village, Tuba Parish, Molo sub-county, Tororo County in Tororo district.

The successful completion of Sanjay’s registration as a full member of NRM may be a precursor to a second attempt at wresting the Eastern Region National NRM Vice Chair from the incumbent, Capt. Mike Mukula, his close allies say.

In the last election for NRM CEC members in 2021, Sanjay Tanna overwhelmingly beat Capt. Mike Mukula in Eastern Uganda.

Widespread accusations became apparent that his victory was “lent on credit” by a recent statement attributed to Dr. Tanga Odoi, the NRM electoral commission chair.

In a video that went viral, Dr. Odoi was heard saying Capt. Mike Mukula could not have gone through if not for his help.

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That contest for regional NRM vice chair was a gruelling one and brought out many undertones with Mukula resorting to the racial card, calling Tanna ‘Muyindi’ who should not have any room in the internal politics of Uganda.

Despite the racial talks, Tanna won by a landslide in Eastern Uganda with his voters celebrating ‘an outright victory’ as early as 5:00 pm that day.

The results for the Eastern Uganda position were eventually the last to be announced – 12 hours later – with Mukula declared the winner against protestations from many who saw it as an ‘outright rigging of results.’

Whereas Tanna has not declared interest in contesting again for the regional NRM seat, his reluctance to go back and reclaim his Tororo Municipality seat points to the fact that he is interested in giving Capt. Mike Mukula has another run for his money, should he choose to contest again.

His star has been rising since that last attempt to oust Mukula, with the President deploying him among others, to campaign for NRM’s Edmund Ariko who was having an uphill task of beating FDC’s Moses Okia Attan in the hotly contested Soroti City East by-election.

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In September 2022, Eastern Uganda’s business guru was appointed as Chairman Board of Directors of Kilembe Mines.

Tanna and five other board members were sworn in at the Ministry of Finance Boardroom on September 14, 2022, in a ceremony graced by Evelyn Anite, the State Minister for Privatization and Investment.

Present was Peter Aimat Lokeris, the Minister of State for Minerals.

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