UPC says won’t accept any plans of vote rigging: Amwoma makes history 

Dokolo | After duly nominating seven candidates: six on Monday and one on Tuesday,  March 12, the electoral commission has given a green light to the candidates to start their campaigns. 

Candidates nominated are from political parties like the UPC, NRM, FDC and NUP. Independent candidates were equally nominated. 

On Wednesday, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) said her candidate, Sarah Aguti Nyangkori was launching her campaigns. 

The Congress lady is being escorted by the party president also Lira City East MP, Jimmy Akena. 

Akena’s entourage include the party secretary general Fred Ebil Ebil, UPC Parliamentary Whip and Oyam district woman MP, Santa Alum, Maruzi North MP, Nelson Okello Lemba, Kwania district woman MP, Auma Kenny.

Others are Alebtong LC5 chairman Odongo David Kenneth, Amolatar LC5 chairman Geoffrey Ocen, regional vice chairperson of Lango, Ongom Chris, among others. 

“The love and support exhibited to our candidate comrade Sarah Aguti Nyongkori and the party president by the people of Dokolo district during the campaign drive after nomination is very much appreciated,” said Arach Oyat Sharon, UPC spokesperson. 

“Today, our campaign machine led by the party president Hon. Jimmy Akena is expected to officially start campaigns in Amwoma and Dokolo sub-counties after harmonization of the candidates’ campaign program by the Independent Electoral Commission this morning (Wed. 13th March 2024).”

Amwoma has made history today for UPC and its supporters – becoming the first area where all political parties seem to be eyeing votes. 

Arach added on Wednesday that UPC is indeed on the ground mobilizing for the support of the party candidate as affirmed earlier by the president.

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We kindly appeal to the electorates and all the people of Dokolo district to rally their support behind the UPC candidate whose central message is anchored on addressing their welfare thus transforming both their lives and the communities, she asked. 

Nyangkori flanked by party leaders Jimmy Akena and Ongom Chris.

Nyangkori’message, Arach noted, put her in a better position to represent and deliver the necessary service to the people of Dokolo.

“To our campaign team and all UPC members, let us continue with that solidarity, sacrifice, organisation and comradeship spirit exhibited so far. 

“We encourage you to be more committed and hardworking than ever before.

Drawing from the lessons of Oyam North by-election last year, the spokesperson reiterated the party president’s message that “UPC is not going to accept any plans of vote rigging”. 

 “The party is going to be on the ground until the last vote is cast, counted and declared. The voice of the people of Dokolo should be heard without any interferences.”

The Akena-led party is appealing for fair, free and peaceful elections.

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