Grassroot football: Oyam North hosts Oyam South in Dogapio

Oyam I It is fire on March 10, 2024, according to Ambrose Jolly Ekwaro, the organizer and mobiliser of Oyam derby match.

Ekwaro alias “the tactician” says the derby match between Oyam North Select and Oyam South Select will take place at Dogapio primary school playground.

Other sporting activities include rope racing; bicycle ride competition and short relays for 100 meters.

Asked about the purposes of the Sunday match, he said, first of all, they are planning to “assemble as well-known district team ready always” and “trying to unite the two constituencies through sports”.

The match, and any other, he reveals will be used to “identify talents in Oyam and see how to market them to the outside world”.

“Creating community awareness advocating for parents to start investing in young children since many can get free education, get opportunities from big clubs in Europe. We intend to use this to keep redundant youth active so that their idle minds can be kept busy at all times.”

According to Ekwaro, his mission and that of his helpers is to take Northern Pride FC to Uganda Premier League. Ekwaro holds a sports and football administration certificate recognized by the football governing body, FUFA.

The Sunday derby, he said, has been supported by Dr Tom Otim, Tuma Benard Zacch, Equator Seeds Limited; Oyam district council speaker Nommi Otieno; Patrick Ogwang Obura and Apwoyoo Yesu Investment and

Oyam district woman MP Santa Alum Ogwang and Oyam North MP Dr Eunice Apio Otuko, per the organiser, are going to be special guests.

A winning team will receive a trophy alongside cash prices and the new balls, according to Ekwaro.

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