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UACE: Kole’s Wisdom High School excels, leads major schools in Lango

(Last Updated On: 8 March 2024)

Kole | On Thursday, March 7, 2024, the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) released the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) results of 2023.

At least 80,643 candidates met the minimum requirement of 2 principal-level passes for admission to Universities. In 2022, the figures were 67,815.

In his remarks, the Executive Director of UNEB, Dan Odongo, said a total of 110,553 candidates registered for the 2023 UACE examinations from over 2,012 centres, compared to 97,890 candidates from 1,969 centres in 2022, showing an increase of 12,663 new candidates (12.9%).

Out of that, 47,226 (42.7%) were female candidates and 63.339 (57.3%) were male candidates. In 2022, female candidates were 46,860 and male candidates were 62,628.

Odongo added that in 2022, Biology subject was poorly passed as has been in the past years. Science subjects, he said, continue to show a low level of performance.

In 2023, the best subjects were Maths, CRE, History and General Paper recorded a good performance, including Biology. The best school in the entire country with the ranking was Amus College Bukedea and the least was International Window in Mbarara.

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In Lango sub-region, Wisdom High Senior Secondary School in Akalo Town Council, Kole district, has excelled in the just released Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.

Wisdom is number one in Lango and Northern Uganda. In the entire country, they are number 25 out of 2,014 schools whose candidates sat for the final examinations.

While addressing the media at the school, Ambrose Ogwal, the school director said “This is a very interesting result”.

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Three of his students who scored an aggregate 46 in UCE years ago scored 20 points. “This is a big achievement!” “I encourage parents and students not to look only at first grade and second grade both in the Primary Leaving Examination and Uganda Certificate of Education, but third or fourth-grade results (students) can still challenge their colleagues at the end of final exams.”

According to Ogwal, more than four candidates who got 37, 35 and 31 aggregates in O’ Level have excelled at Wisdom High School scoring 19 and 18 points, respectively in UACE.

Shaku Abdu, for example, scored 20 points.

Wisdom high
Director Ogwal and UACE star Shaku. All photos by Arao Denis.

The director said their laboratories for sciences and computers (IT) are ranked the best in the entire country. 149 candidates sat this year’s UACE compared to last year’s 98.

 Light Vocational Secondary School was number two in Lango sub-regions, but in the country, they are number 37, according to Fred Jalameso, the head teacher.

He said a candidate, Aliro Chrispus got 20 points in Sciences and 3 candidates got 18 points; 9 got 17 points. The number of candidates registered and later sat was 200.

Jalameso encouraged parents whose children sat last year and are angrily waiting that “any time from now our UCE will be out”.

Their UCE results were withheld for malpractice.

Another private school that challenged government schools in the UACE is St Gracious Secondary School Lira City. They are number three in Lango and 134th nationally. Nakibinge Ronald scored 19 points in sciences.

 Martin Ojok is the head teacher. He said there is much improvement in the results. 182 candidates got more than 10 points and 73 candidates got from 6 to 10 points out of 255 candidates.

“I must thank the students, parents and teachers for playing their roles in time, including the director Patrick Olet for providing us with learning materials.”

Out of 49 private and government-aided schools in Lango, in Lira City, Faith Secondary School is number four and in the country, they were number 145, followed by St Mary’s College Aboke in Kole district (No. 5).

Nationally, St Mary’s is number 466. Dara Christina High School in Lira City became number 6 in the sub-region and 504 nationally.

Other schools are King James in Lira City at number 7 and 506, respectively. St Joseph Seminary Aboke in Kole is number 8 and 631; Mentor SS is number 9 and 711 nationally.

Buluage ranked number 10 in Lango 805 in the country.

More private schools have shone. Skyland ranked number 940 in the entire country, but No.11 at home. St Katherine Boroboro is number 12 in Lango and 1002 in Uganda.

Dr Obote College Boroboro is at No.13 and 1,034 nationally.

In Otuke district, Okwang SS is ranked No.1,246 and at 14 in Llango 14. In Dokolo, Kangai SS number 15 and 1,262, respectively.

In Lira City, St Magdalene Girls is No. 16 and ranks at 1,264 nationally.

Apac Secondary School (1,275 and 17). ln Kwania, Aduku SS (1,324 and 18). Adwari SS in Otuke is ranked 1,368 and 19), followed by Comboni College in Lira City (1,387 and 20).

Amolatar SS (1,390 and 21) Acaba SS in Oyam district (1,441 and 22) and in Alebtong, Akii Bua SS ranked number 23 in Lango and 1,495 nationally.

Maruzi Seed SS in Apac is No.24 in Lango and 1,586 in the country. Lango College has been ranked at 25 and 1,586, respectively.

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