LPG members’ vindictive exchanges leak: Akena asks Alyek to ‘step down’  

Lira I Mary Ann Evans became popularly known as George Eliot. Born on November 22, 1819, the English lady became a poet, novelist; journalist and translator. She wrote seven novels, among them, ‘Adam Bede’, ‘Romola’, among others.

Eliot would later be known for saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This simply means that you have to look into the inner part of something or someone before making a good judgment.

Outside, LPG may be seen differently because a bigger percentage of the population sees them as united, and others may see them as a torn umbrella. Recently, information streamed that the group was apart and that some members were planning to form a parallel group.

Until now, at least 15 members under the Kole district woman MP Judith Alyek are united and the rest of the total 32 members (MPs) are “on their own”.

Alyek and her former members of the executive retained their seats on March 6, 2024. Only the vice chairperson – Eng. Okello Lemba, MP of Maruzi North was elected, according to official electoral results released by MP Moses Ogwal Goli.

The aftermath of the Mach 6 event has sparked vindictive exchanges from certain MPs. One of the MPs who spoke to tndNews on condition of anonymity described the current situation as “an uphill task for us, we are doing everything to be united”.

“We may not be united but we have to accept certain results for the betterment of the people we represent. I think we are not honourable as we should be,” another MP said on Thursday.

The above reactions come after the publication had landed into lengthy conversations between some MPs on their social platform. Take a look!

Samuel Okwir Odwee told Felix Okot Ogong: “Let’s have peace” which Okot replied, “How can all the executive members come from West Lango? The Vice Chairperson should come from East Lango, Greater Lira. Lemba should step down for someone from Greater Lira.”

Okwir: “Hon. Acon and Hon. Linda are from East Lango.”

Akena Jimmy: “In the alternative, Judith (Alyek) should step down.”

“Colonization must stop,” Okot demanded.

Okot: “You know the original ancestry of Hon Linda. Don’t say the election was random. Not everything should come from Lango West, No nooo. I reject the idea of not balancing the boat. Geographical representation is very important.”

Maxwell Akora: “This is the alternative, not Okello Lemba, but I insist in the interest of harmony, we maintain the status quo that was released to the press today. How would the people take it that we operate so shabbily?”

Okot: “In the interest of harmony and ensuring unity, we should be as inclusive as possible by respecting the concern of Greater Lira. Otherwise, we are going to go public about our concerns.

“You can’t be so insensitive to the extent of swallowing everything and denying Lango East significant representation in the executive.”

Dorcas Acen: “I’m finding myself resonating with these thoughts you are putting forward Hon. Max.”

“Very well put,” replied Akora.

Okot: “I reject leadership that’s not balanced whatsoever justification. Chairman, West Lango, Vice Chairman, West Lango; General Secretary, West Lango, Publicity Secretary, West Lango. This one is not possible.”

“Hon. Dorcas, you are biased because of your sweet heart. Stop knocking walls,” he (Okot to Acen).

Acen: “We will soon enter into a very tedious season in preparation for 2026; it will need unity and not pulling ropes.”

Okot: “I was very occupied with my constituency engagements. Chairman or vice should be considered for East. That’s my appeal. Otherwise, things aren’t going to be easy from the start.”

Judith Alyek: “I want to take this opportunity to thank you Hon. Members for the successful AGM and election of the new EXCOM for LPG. We shared our achievements and challenges for the past one and a half years and gave our inputs on the gaps and areas to be carried forward.

“A call for the meeting and expression of interest was done and ample time given for members to prepare. I hope everyone was able to read except those who might have been in other engagements or have never been on our platform.

“There is still room for improvement in areas that might have not been done well in the execution of our duties. Ubuntu philosophy is the best option to support one another.

“Could it be a dream that I’m seeing Hon. Felix Okot Ogong my senior who served LPG for two terms as Chairman?”

Okot: “For your information, I was the chairman and Hon Santa Alum was my vice chairperson. Don’t gloss over issues and start parading our collective achievements which are not in dispute at the moment. I’m not even comparing or undermining your leadership but raising a matter of grave anomaly and insensitivity in respect of the geographical representation. You cannot hold elections and allot yourselves position completely oblivious to Lango cosmology.”

Alyek replied: “We don’t want division, intimidation and undermining of one another and negative critique. LPG is to unite us all without religious and political differences or one’s titles. God bless you.”

Editorial note: some of the above exchanges were slightly edited: some remarks were translated to English. 


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