The Lango parliamentary group’s first term scores since 2021

(Last Updated On: 7 March 2024)

Although the scores seem promising, MPs under LPG are severely divided with others demanding an overhaul of the March 6, ‘election’ of new executives. 

Kampala I Members of Parliament under their umbrella, Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) on March 6, 2024, conducted elections of ‘new leaders’ for the remainder of the years until 2026.

Moses Ogwal Goli is the chairperson of LPG elections. In his final official results, Goli, also the Dokolo South MP, declared Judith Alyek as chairperson. Alyek is the Kole district woman MP and will serve her second term as the group’s top boss.

She will be deputized by the Maruzi North MP, Eng. Nelson Okello Lemba. Okello replaced Kyoga County MP, Okot Bitek.

Kole North MP, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti retained his position as Secretary General. Similarly, Julius Acon Bua and Linda Auma will serve their second term as treasurer and publicity secretary, respectively.

Asked what they will focus on in the second term, Julius Acon, said: “Following the manifesto of the government and programs like the Parish Development Model; road infrastructures like the Rwekunye-Apac road.

“Unity of LPG because there was some division among us,” Acon added. Asked why Bitek was replaced, he responded, “Bitek knew he was not going to be reelected. If you are an executive, you don’t attack and criticize your fellows.

“Bitek was critiquing some of us even in our constituencies – for example, during the burial of the late Cecilia Ogwal…”

Here is what Bitek said on Wednesday night as to why he sought no reelection.

Last week, MP Acon told tndNews in an exclusive interview that it seems “too late” for MPs in Lango to unite.  He said the 32 MPs from the sub-region are divided and only 15 are working under one umbrella.

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The new leadership term each executive got will run and expire when the 2026 general elections are held. As they carry out their duties for the betterment of the people of Lango, we bring you some highlights of the achievements and challenges in term one, including the group’s priority areas.

On priority areas for intervention, LPG in their report co-signed by the chairperson and secretary general, said Lira-Kamdini road, 66km, Rwekunye-Apac-Puranga, 191km; Dokolo-Ochero-Namasale, 88km and Lira-Aloi-Kotido-Abim, 120km were targeted for construction and reconstruction.

Another is Corner Ayer-Corner Aboke-Iceme-Bobi road which is 55km.

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The above roads are within the National Development Plan (NDP III) that runs from 2021 to 2026.

On the district roads, LPG said it sought funding for district roads to be increased to improve motorability and connectivity within “our DUCAR road network”.

DUCAR stands for “District, Urban and Community Access Roads”.

LPG also said livestock compensation for Lango sub-region was “prioritized for its commencement under NDP III specifically targeting the following”: claimants who were verified by the Attorney General numbering 42,042; claimants who went to court under the case Akello Betty and Others.

Other claimants numbering 56,088 of Civil Suit No HCT-10-CV-CS-006 of 2011 who went to court under the case Deylon Johnson and Others, including those numbering 69,745 of Civil Suit No. HCT-10-CV-0027/2010.

Others are claimants who lost their cattle but were not able to go to court due to various reasons including working in civil service, among others.

Part of the achievements and milestones under livestock compensation, LPG said includes President Museveni’s directives at Alidi in Oyam South directing for the removal of Tax Identification Number (TIN) as a requirement during the data filing process. This they say was implemented.

LPG noted that 23,573 persons whose names were listed as not approved in the Attorney General’s list were to be paid.

Three, the 125,833 persons who went to court and whose names did not feature under the Attorney General’s list will be paid, including all persons who went to court.

In the financial year 2021/22, the group announced that shs18, 472b was paid out of shs50b budgeted for the three sub-regions of Lango, Acholi and Teso.

“Over 12,000 claimants out of the targeted 18,469 claimants were paid,” the LPG report further indicates.

According to LPG, in the financial year 2022/23, shs30b was budgeted but was never released. “LPG together with Teso and Acholi Parliamentary Groups raised concerns and these funds were added to the financial year 2023/24 budget of shs50b totalling shs80b.”

Shs30b out of the above total, the group said was released in the financial year 2023/2024 for round two of the compensation.

Socio-economic transformation

“LPG undertook oversight activities on Emyooga and presented a report on the floor of Parliament in 2022. It also carried out oversight on PDM and presented a report on the floor of Parliament in 2023.

“A number of recommendations have been taken up such as extending the repayment period for Emyooga beyond the four months and full release of the shs100m per parish within the financial year.

“NUSAF 4 follow-up was also made and a Presidential directive was given for its continuation. Further updates wait from the Ministry of Finance,” a copy of the LPG report reveals.

Education and sports development

During the submission of Uganda’s bid for the African Cup of Nations for 2027, LPG said the government pledged its commitment towards the construction of the Akii Bua Stadium among other stadiums. “This was however changed resulting in LPG holding a press statement calling for the reinstatement of Akii Bua Stadium into the AFCON bid. Engagements were also made in Parliament which resulted in shs100b being allocated for Akii Bua in the budget framework paper for 2024/2025.”

Due to several follow-ups, according to LPG, “this has been successful and Akii Bua Stadium will now be part of AFCON 2027 and an Egyptian contractor has been identified for its construction”.


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