Museveni aides engage Lango journalists on corruption and ethics  

In 2019, Abola told tndNews that the directorate of ethics and integrity had started intensifying fights against corruption in the country. 

Lira | More than 30 journalists from different media houses in Lango sub-regions had a one-day interface with officials from the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity, Office of the President. 

The latter took the former on the skills they needed to participate in the fight against corruption in the entire country.

The event was held at Margarita Palace Hotel in Lira City on March 5, 2024.

In his presentation, the commissioner for information and communications in the directorate, Nicholas Abola, noted that the meeting also allowed the directorate to assess the implementation of the ‘zero tolerance to corruption policy 2019’.

Abola also urged journalists to be patriotic, further advising them to practise high-level integrity and objectivity to effectively play their roles.

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“I encourage journalists to work together with the different government officers to help in stopping corruption in many different government offices.”

Princess Kabaganja Hafisa Abbook, a member of the pornography control committee at the directorate of ethics and integrity, said pornography consumption among teenagers disorient them during critical development stages during which they are supposed to learn how to handle their sexual beliefs and social values.

Rev Canon Aaron Mwesigye is the director for ethics and integrity in charge of religious affairs.

He said religious and cultural leaders need to help the government in fighting against corruption in the country.

Rev Canon added that the department of Religious Affairs which he heads is mandated to help other institutions in fighting against corruption until the corruption is kicked out.

Patrick Rolex Akena Ogwal, a journalist with Radio Unity FM in Lira City thanked the Office of the President for empowering journalists in fighting through the training.

Ogwal observed that corruption was real and had sort of been normalised in some people’s minds, adding that there are many forms of corruption in Uganda.

“Sometimes journalists face many challenges in doing their work like harassment, intimidation while investigating matters that are concerned about corruption, where some journalists are beaten, tortured, and this puts the lives of journalists at risk while on duty,” he added.

Alex Okello Bwangmoi, Permanent Secretary in the directorate of ethics and integrity rallied the media to take its rightful place in sensitising and exposing corrupt people and corruption practices.

Okello said the government wants ‘zero tolerance to corruption’, adding that the government has already started to cut off any transactions through any kind of payment.

Journalists working with and for media outlets like radio stations, TV stations; print and online media attended the one-day event.

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