MP Okot Bitek tells why he refused LPG executive role

Lira | On March 6, Lango Parliamentary Group elected ‘new executives’ until 2026.

The outcomes of the election have seen Judith Alyek (Kole Woman MP),  retaining her seat as chairperson.

Kole North MP, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti, Otuke East MP, Julius Acon and Linda Auma, Lira district woman MP retained their roles as secretary general, treasurer and publicity secretary, respectively.

Only Maruzi North MP, Eng. Okello Lemba was elected to replace Okot Junior Bitek, Kyoga County MP as the vice chairperson.

tndNews understands that Bitek was not present during the planned event with his colleague MPs on Wednesday.

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He was initially nominated for the LPG chairperson’s position by the Moroto County MP, Samuel Okwir Odwe.

Bitek rejected the nomination, swiftly.

Asked why he did not show up for the election on Wednesday, the FDC member said, “LPG is a puppet and full of cowardice who appease the ruling party President – Museveni.”

 “To all the people of Lango, I thank you for your support for the three years of service…

“…having deligated powers under the chair who wanted to appease the powers and always seemingly compromised by NRM collective responsibility has made me feel that am better than a boot leaker.”

This publication has exclusively learnt that LPG is severely divided, and 15 out of the 32 MPs are together.

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