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‘I’ll leave office in December,” says Won Nyaci Odur Ebii

(Last Updated On: 4 March 2024)

| Why did they hurry with the election yet the Mzee has given his roadmap?”

Apac I The Paramount Chief of Lango Yosam Odur Ebii has spoken ahead of his retirement from the cultural office later this year.

His eldest son, Olobo Anthony Odur, told tndNews what their father’s thoughts are.

On what they as the family of Won Nyaci have observed so far: “We have been following the event closely and from what we understand, my dad, the Paramount Chief of Lango has made it very clear that by the end of December 2024, he will be retiring from the Office of Won Nyaci, and he gave out his roadmap and how it should be followed.

“He is doing this in line with the Lango Cultural Foundation constitution.

“So this other faction is trying to usurp the whole process, they are doing this outside the required procedures, out of the rules that govern the electoral process which are all contained in that constitution.

On the particular advice he gave to Won Nyaci on the current event: “Yes, we made it known to him that there was a lot of confusion when he came out to announce his retirement and that people were trying to hold an election on March 1, 2024, without the electoral commission, without the due processes that are required as far as that election is concerned.

“Because he’s still in the office, he’s still the Paramount Chief, he has not yet vacated the office; the time with which he will vacate the office is clearly indicated in the letter that he brought to the Ministry of Gender in that respect. So, the election can only be held towards that time when he’s about to abdicate the office.

The most recent message that Won Nyaci said or shared with him: “For him, he says he has already given out his roadmap and roadmap must be followed and he has a team of cultural ministers (and Owitong) who are working on his behalf because these are the teams that subscribe to him, these are the teams that will help him out as he prepares to retire.

On the court decision to allow the election of March 1 to take place: “We will go by the decision of the court. However, if we still find that their decision was not proper, there will still be room to appeal to the higher court.

Message to the people of Lango: “Our message is that they have accepted Mzee Yosam Odur as their Paramount Chief way back up to this moment. Now that he has come up with a roadmap and will retire from the office why can’t they not be patient? Why did they hurry with the election yet the Mzee has given his roadmap?

“Ten months is not far; let the old man retire with dignity. Whatever they are doing now appears like they want to overthrow him and yet he’s the one who is recognized by the government…

“….he is the one who is recognized by themselves who are trying to remove him from office forcefully and yet the law allows him to die in the office. But for him, he said, ‘No, I’ve reached an age where I look at myself as less productive, I would want to give the opportunity to another vibrant person that will take the mantle from me and lead Lango as far as the culture is concerned’.”

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