Stanchion launches new brand identity to reflect paytech innovations 

(Last Updated On: 1 March 2024)

South Africa | Stanchion, a pioneer in payment fabric technology, is proud to launch its new brand identity, which more accurately depicts its commitment to powering payment change, bridging the gap between traditional finance infrastructure and modern fintech.   

The bold new logo in blue, orange and white encapsulates the rapid evolution in the payments world, including payment methods and the way customers interact with their cards and wallets.

“While our previous branding paid tribute to chip-based payment cards, our new logo reflects our modern PayTech role as an enabler of digital innovation and customer experiences, adding value to financial institutions that operate within the confines of legacy systems,” says Stanchion CEO, Steven Kirrage.

 “Our leading-edge products extend the life of existing investments such as Card Issuing platforms, Card Management Systems (CMS) and Processing/Switching platforms.”

 Connecting legacy and innovation  

With 23 years’ experience helping banks and financial service institutions (FSIs) globally, delivering complex change and digital transformation, the company wanted the new logo to capture how Stanchion has helped its clients bridge their gaps when innovating around core technology and the critical need to meet modern experiences and customer expectations with efficient payment operations.

“Our new brand identity seeks to reflect this dynamic pace of industry evolution and the shifting nature of payments, which is now more focused on collaboration, data-driven and increasingly experience-led.”

Kirrage says embracing agile innovation change programmes, whilst bridging this gap, is essential for banks (especially issuers) that are serious about differentiation and remaining competitive.

“As the world of payments digitally accelerates to deliver new experiences to customers, banks and FSIs need our products to turbocharge that change.

“Our solutions, used across five continents, open access to traditional core systems and simplify diverse technology sets, accelerating innovation and optimising payment systems for better resilience, through our payment fabric technology that unlocks new value propositions, system modernisation capabilities and operational controls,” says Kirrage.

Payment fabric technology 

Verto Payment Fabric is based on advanced fabric-based computing, it creates interoperability between legacy payment systems and modern applications, achieving business outcomes of enhanced customer experience, cost efficiency, accelerated time to market and operational resilience. Verto is system agnostic, making it compatible with Card Management Systems and any payment Switch.

Stanchion pioneered this technology and has already enabled 20 customers across five continents, demonstrating how it adds value in various markets. Analysts and Research Firms highlight that banks and payment providers have a significant desire to become more agile, efficient and customer-relevant in 2024.

Legacy technology and core systems act as a constraint in achieving these outcomes, slowing the rate of innovation and feature development.

 Using modern APIs and fabric-based computing, they can launch new features to enhance customer experience while controlling IT costs. The modular or composable nature of the products allows for new functionality to be added incrementally, allowing for continuous innovation and improvements.

Wisdom, energy, and precision  

Stanchion prides itself on delivering excellent service to its clients, underscored by decades of skill, experience and knowledge in the PayTech space as it has grown and evolved, guiding customers through digital transformation.

A deep blue – to represent Stanchion’s rich depth of expertise, wisdom and stability – has been added to the company’s traditional vibrant orange and white, which depict the energy, optimism, precision and clarity long associated with the brand.

“The Stanchion team believes this modern look better reflects today’s world and our place in it. The subtle placement of nodes within the logo links to our commitment to delivering agile innovation to our clients and underscores the ongoing and efficient management of our products and services.

Our brand relaunch is a testament to our ongoing focus on connecting today’s payment change with tomorrow’s need, and we look forward to rolling it out across all of our platforms in March,” says Kirrage.

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