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What UPC has said post 2023 annual crime report release

(Last Updated On: 29 February 2024)

Kampala I One week after the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola released the annual crime report of 2023, the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) spoke on the same, Wednesday. 

Through its head of media and communications, Muzei Faizo, UPC has told Ugandans ‘not to relax by the slight decrease in crime cases’

Here is everything the UPC has said, on February 28.

“On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the Uganda Police Force (UPF) released the Annual Crime Report of 2023 with 228,074 registered cases which marked a slight decrease in reported cases of 1.5% compared to 2022 that witnessed 231,653 crime cases.  

“This of course, is an achievement in itself, but we have to bear in mind that some of our citizens are hesitant to report cases to authorities due to the poor relationship between the police and some members of the communities, yet it is those reported cases which give the basis and foundation of the UPF Annual Crime Report. 

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“Therefore, let us not jubilate over the registered slight decrease in crime cases, but instead beef up our security systems such as investing highly in intelligence, community policing and restoring the public trust for credible information since the criminals are coming directly from our societies. 

“A drop in domestic violence is encouraging as reflected in the statistics from 17,698 cases in 2022 to 14,681 cases in 2023. UPC observes that a family unit is key to the growth and development of any given society.

“This calls for concerted efforts involving all stakeholders to educate and sensitize our people about issues that bring family disputes and their consequences in their respective communities. Some cases have erupted over family property wrangles. UPC calls for an emphasis on awareness and interpretation of inheritance laws to our people.

“Parents should be reminded of their basic responsibilities that go beyond feeding, school fees and medical but that special love and care gives a true sense of belonging hence reducing the chances of family breakdown which, sometimes contributes to domestic violence.

“Situations of drug and alcohol abuse lead to domestic violence. UPC would like to see that the recent Bill on Narcotics and Drugs that has been assented to is fully enforced.

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“The public has been complaining over general hygiene in police detention centres. It is indeed a great relief to have several centres dropping the “soil bucket system” in favour of water-borne toilets.

“As a country, we need to step it up to 100% facility of water-borne toilets as well as improving the welfare of the inmates. We should try as much as possible not to overcrowd our facilities. This can help in ensuring control of some diseases.

“The police force requires extra specialized training to be more efficient, effective and professional at their work. Incorporating police’s work with modern technologies is very paramount, especially in detecting and responding to crimes in real-time as well as records keeping which can facilitate quick reference to cases whenever they are needed. 

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“Ultimately, the welfare of the Uganda Police Force needs to be enhanced. They need better accommodation and pay as well as reduced workloads as per the United Nations (UN) police officer-to-population ratio recommendation of 1-450, which we are yet to achieve.”

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