Seven months of life cut short 

(Last Updated On: 24 February 2024)

Lira | Locals of Angweta-ngwet ‘A’ cell were in shock on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, following a crime committed by a 32-year-old woman. 

The suspect, Sarah Angom, a resident of the above area in Lira City East, terminated her 7-month-old pregnancy at around 6:30 pm on Wednesday.

The vice LC1 chairperson of the area, John Opota confirmed the crime, citing that he got the news from a community member.

“I got a call from a community member while I was at a burial event noting that one of the tenants of Mzee Okol seemed to have aborted her pregnancy upon discovering blood stains on the latrine floor,” said Opota.

Upon the said allegations, Opota said he immediately informed OC Angweta-ngwet Police post who later reported to the crime scene and apprehended the suspect.

According to Opota, the OC and Fire Brigade and Rescue team reported to the crime scene, recorded statements and removed the foetus from the pit latrine.

“By 10 am on Wednesday, the Police and rescue team removed the foetus from the pit latrine and it was discovered that it was a baby girl,” he added.

The local leader now warns the community, especially the female gender, to desist from abortion, saying it is illegal in Uganda, appealing that women have to embrace birth control methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

“Learn to embrace the gift of motherhood because it is dangerous to commit abortion. It can either lead to the death of the mother or even see the mother and child die off,” he noted.

Speaking to tndNews, some locals strongly condemned Angom’s act, noting that it is a big shame to humanity.

Florence Esalu Bosco, a resident of the same village, condemned the act and urged women and girls of childbearing age to utilise family planning methods of their choice other than getting unwanted pregnancies.

“If you know you are not ready to get pregnant for a man, then use a suitable family planning method. We should be lucky that the government of Uganda approved the use of birth control methods,” said Esalu.

“Instead of killing an innocent soul, use a preferred birth control method because once you get into a relationship, you are bound to conceive and have a child,” she emphasised.

Esalu is calling the older persons to always counsel and guide young women as well as sensitising them on the dangers associated with abortion, citing that abortion cases were hardly recorded in the past unlike in the present where your girls see it as a normal act.

Once given the right to life, Esalu said the girl child would have been an important figure in development.

Another resident, Phillips Ivan Egor, said for a long time the suspect has been denying being pregnant and often said “She is only looking good”.

“A fellow tenant in the same block identified her on Wednesday morning looking pale while standing at the pit latrine,” he said.

Egor narrated that Sarah was immediately picked up from her house by OC Angweta-ngwet Police post and put under custody upon discovering blood stains on the said pit latrine’s floor.

Egor told tndNews that landlords have to take an interest in knowing the kind of persons they host to avoid such issues in the community.

“If you are not ready to bear a child, then use any family planning method that suits you instead of ending the life of an innocent baby,” he noted.

Ceasar Ivan Okello, the Deputy spokesperson of Otengoro Olang clan has strongly condemned Sarah’s act. Sarah Angom belongs to the Otengoro Olang clan under the stewardship of Daniel Omara Atubo.

“I want to advise women under Otengoro Olang clan to desist from abortion. If you are not ready to take care of children, then don’t enter any relationship or else use contraceptive methods,” said Okello.

He further advised women to produce a manageable number of children instead of conceiving and later aborting the pregnancy. Okello noted that this denies the innocent soul life.

“You need to protect the innocent soul. These could be vital people in the future,” he added.

Morris Chris Ongom, CEO of Gloford has called on parents and young girls to embrace dialogue to mitigate abortion cases, noting that stigma and negativity on the victims may lead to emotional derailment.

“Once the worst (abortion) is done, there is no need to throw insults, abuses and the like. This rather is a negative aspect that causes emotional derailment and that is the reason we are having abortion cases on the rise,” he said.

According to Ongom, society needs to identify and understand the gaps and the changes that have appeared to forego symptoms like abortion.

By press time, the Police had not yet produced a statement regarding the incident.

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