Lent shame! Renowned driver, married woman conjoin during cheating exercise

(Last Updated On: 22 February 2024)

Buwenge community members were on February 22 left in shock after a 38-year-old man got stuck in a woman during intimacy.

It is alleged that Alex Muhumuza, a driver travelled from Kawolo Lugazi in Buikwe district on February 21, 2024, to cheat.

This was after prior arrangements with a married woman identified as Sarah Namagoye, a resident of Buwenge Town Council, Jinja district.

Reports indicate that the two individuals booked a room at Jojo Bar and Lodge in Buwenge Town Council and spent a night together.

However, on Thursday, February 22, the waitress reportedly checked on the guests only to find out that the two were all naked and physically stuck into each other during sex.

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According to SP James Mubi, Kiira regional police spokesperson, yet to be identified waitress notified Buwenge police, who immediately responded to the incident.

“We exactly found what the waitress had earlier described,” the police statement reads.

SP Mubi said this unfortunate incident left Buwenge community members in shock upon witnessing the unusual occurrence which later prompted them to call the official husband of the woman.

Reports further reveal that the husband indeed came and slapped his wife on the back and the man eventually got out.

However, the husband of the wife told the eyewitnesses that the man is never going to function normally in his life because of the shame he has brought on to his family.

Mubii confirmed that the suspects and or victims were taken to Buwenge Health Center IV for medical attention and treatment.

Later on, they were in custody at Central Police Station Buwenge as investigations proceeded.

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