Dokolo Decides – UPC: ‘We’re inspired and guided by Oyam North by-election victory’

(Last Updated On: 21 February 2024)

Kampala | UPC is optimistic about another victory in the forthcoming Dokolo district by-elections slated for March 2024. 

In July 2023, her candidate for the Oyam North MP by-election, Dr Eunice Apio Otuko, won: beating NRM’s Samuel Jr Okello Engola.

That July by-election was the most competitive in the local politics of Lango in years. It was marred by accusations and counter-accusations between NRM and UPC, including FDC and NUP top leaders and mobilisers.

There are predictions that a similar fracas seen in Oyam North in 2023 could happen in Dokolo.

 FDC wants to remain in control, NRM wants to take over and UPC is looking at adding numbers in the 11th Parliament.

In particular, the above political parties, including NUP, all want to replace Cecilia Atim Ogwal (RIP) with their candidates.

“We are glad to inform you that on Monday 19th February 2024, the party held the district conference and officially declared Sarah Aguti Nyangkori as the UPC flag bearer for the Dokolo Woman MP seat,” said Faizo Muzeyi, head of media and communications at UPC.

Alyek Anna Grace and Acen Josephine Okello chose to step down for Aguti by a consensus.

“ The process to get flag bearers for the lower positions is ongoing,” Faizo added.

He said the act of the two who stepped down is a “true representation of the bigger picture of the party which should be emulated”.

“UPC has always treasured dialogue, constructive engagements and consensus as the first means of handling both internal and external affairs.

“This high degree of unity and focus exhibited in Dokolo and recently in Oyam propels the party to a serious issue-based campaign program that is well organised.

“At the unveiling of UPC flag bearer, comrade Sarah Aguti Nyangkori outlined the priority areas of the campaign and promised to work towards revamping health, education and agriculture as the key areas reflecting the concerns of our people in Dokolo district and the entire country.

“We should get inspired and be guided with what transpired in the July 2023 Oyam North by-election which race UPC won against all odds,” Fazio said on Wednesday.

Unity and teamwork, commitment, sacrifice, vigilance and timely strategic planning, he said were “very much critical to our victory”.

“With such an experience and steps taken so far, the party is indeed ready for the race and our flag bearer will be nominated on either 11th or 12th March 2024 as earmarked by IEC.

Like other previous by-elections, UPC said the party president Jimmy Akena will be at the frontline leading the UPC campaign machine on the ground in support of the party candidate.

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