Adjumani: Violent clashes between Madi and Acholi leave 2 dead 

(Last Updated On: 20 February 2024)

Adjumani | On Sunday, February 18, 2024, at Kamjdin village Kalachut parish, Pekele sub-county in Adjumani district, a group of about 30 Madi men armed with bows and arrows, pangas, hoes and knives attacked the home of a fellow civilian (an Acholi) only identified as Akekwa.

The group torched a number of huts and razed down others after undressing and tying him to a tree, a statement issued by the 4 Division Public Information Officer, revealed. 

The statement further revealed that the group proceeded to his (Akekwa’s) neighbours and burnt 16 huts and all their properties were destroyed in the fire.

One person was shot in the buttocks with a bow and arrow and is currently getting treatment at Kalachut Health Centre in Adjumani district.

“Investigations continue,” the 4 Division says.

In what looks like an act of revenge, on February 19, the Acholi community retaliated and attacked the Madi community of Eloku village in Kalachut sub-county, Adjumani district and killed two people.

The dead are Taku and Drami Were. The attack happened in the early morning of Monday.

“The forces in the area have been reinforced to monitor and to avert any further violence and restore normalcy and calmness.

“The bodies were retrieved and handed over to the Police for further management as investigations continue,” said the PIO, 4 Division.

More details of this story follow. 


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