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5 years later, Wisdom High School’s excellence is on the rise  

(Last Updated On: 20 February 2024)

Lira | The education ecosystem in the Lango sub-region is improving after years of breakdown due to COVID-19 and associated restrictions. 

In [early] 2020, key stakeholders in the government of Uganda advised President Museveni Yoweri to restrict people’s movement to save lives and the economy.

The entire country was locked: schools were closed, churches too, with only essential workers and service providers allowed to move.

The lockdowns affected education with learners later taught remotely through, for example, television channels. This offered no benefit to children of poor parents deep in villages.

Worth remembering is that coronavirus (COVID-19) cases were common at the time, and young children (learners) were found to be highly vulnerable to be infected through sneezing, coughing, and crowd, among others.

After a long spell, on January 10, 2022, most schools in Uganda reopened under strict operation guidelines.

Uganda became the only country in the world to have kept her learners out of schools for the longest period – 2 years because of the pandemic.

Since then, like elsewhere, the education performances in Lango sub-region have shown tremendous signs of improvement per the recently released PLE and UCE results of 2023.

The latest and previous results show that private schools, though, are doing better than government-funded schools. Several private schools have been started across the sub-region and parents have a choice to select where their children should study from.

In Lira City, the 2022 UCE results show that St. Gracious Secondary School challenged many government-aided schools in the sub-region.

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The UCE results for the same year indicate that St. Gracious, out of a total of 139 candidates who sat, 39 candidates got first grade and 58 were in second grade.

In 2023, out of 140 who registered, 92 were in first grade and 42 in second grade.

According to the headteacher Martin Ojok, to produce good results there should be teamwork from the parents, students and the technical wing at the school.

Ojok was the former headteacher at St. Mary’s Kitende in Wakiso district.

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At Wisdom High School Secondary founded in 2018, the O and A level school, according to the director Ambrose Ogwal, was opened to promote learners within the Lango sub-region and entire Northern Uganda.

Wisdom is located in Akalo Town Council in Kole district. In the UCE of 2022, they got 63 in first grade and 75 in second out of 157 candidates wrote final exams.

In the results of 2023, they produced 75 candidates in grade one and 84 in second grade out of 163 candidates who sat that year.

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Ojok encourages parents not to consider only first grade because even someone who passed in divisions two, three and four in the primary leaving examination can still pass very well in UCE.

Wisdom started with an enrollment of 485 students in 2018, and five years later, they have more than 1700 students.

The school director, Ogwal, is a national representative of all the secondary school teachers at the National Executive Council of UNATU.

Ogwal has authored a book on the modern approach to European History and is a pioneer panellist for history and political education at NCDC.

Other private schools that are also shining in promoting education excellence in Lango are Light Vocational Secondary School, Mentor Secondary School and Faith Secondary School.

Others are Dara and Buluge.

Top government-aided schools include Lango College, Dr Obote College, St Mary’s Girls Aboke; Comboni College, Amach Complex and Apala SS in Alebtong.

Others are Agwata SS in Dokolo, Loro SS and Atapara SS in Oyam. In Lira, there are also St Catherine Girls Secondary School, Lira Town College, et al.

Some of the top UCE stars at Wisdom High School are Apollo Ritah, Agg 18, Otim Daniel, Agg 18; Alwedo  Sapphire, Agg 18, Lagum Esther Agg 17; Apili Rachel Agg 18. Others are Alum Jane Jesca Agg 18, Okullo Emmanuel Agg 16 and Opoka Ambrose, Agg 14.

Wisdom high
Results for St. Gracious

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