IGP Ochola to release annual crime report for 2023 on Wednesday

(Last Updated On: 17 February 2024)

Kampala I The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola is expected to officially release the Police Annual Crime Report for 2023.

The release will take place on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

In a brief announcement of X, Criminal Investigations Directorate of Uganda Police, wrote: The @PoliceUg is set to release the Annual Crime Report for 2023 on Wednesday, 21st at 10 am at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

As Ugandans wait for the new report, tndNews samples key parts of the 2022 report.

In 2022, on average, 19,304 cases were reported to Police every month.

In the same year, 61,508 cases of theft were reported up from 41,950 in 2020.

“By the end of 2022, out of the total theft cases reported to Police, 25,290 cases were taken to Court, 3,717 cases were not proceeded with,” parts of the 2022 crime report reads.

Also, by the end of 2022, out of the total cases of economic and corruption crimes reported, 2,649 cases were taken to Court, 942 cases were not proceeded with, and 9,616 cases were still under inquiry.

Out of the total cases taken to Court, 303 cases secured convictions, 03 cases were acquitted, 16 cases were dismissed and 2,327 cases were still pending in Court by the date of report release.

According to the Report, there was a general increase in cases of economic and corruption crimes reported to the Police countrywide from 10,089 cases in 2020 to 13,207 cases in 2022.

A total of 1,091 cases of theft of motor vehicles were reported in 2022 compared to 942 cases reported in 2021. There was a 15.8% increase in theft of motor vehicles in 2022.

Further, a total of 2,656 motor vehicles were reported stolen; 1,687 were recovered, 141 were found abandoned while 827 were not recovered by the date of the release.

North Kyoga region registered the highest number of cases of ‘other crimes in general’ in 2022 with 5,035 cases followed by Kampala Metropolitan North with 4,271 cases and Albertine with 4,226 cases.

Rwizi region had 3,691 cases, Kampala Metropolitan South with 3,305 cases, and Greater Masaka with 3,286 cases, respectively.

Read the full report of 2022 here.

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