Dokolo Decides: Ayugi and Auma step down for NRM flag bearer, Elau 

(Last Updated On: 17 February 2024)

Dokolo | Two women who wanted to replace Cecilia Atim Ogwal as Dokolo district woman MP on NRM flag have stepped down.

Ayugi Judith and Auma Lillian Okullo chose to step down on Saturday in a meeting with NRM senior leaders from the secretariat in Kampala.

There will be no primary election for NRM and the flag is now with Adongo Janet Elau. In 2021, Elau lost to the late Cecilia Ogwal.

Arao Rebecca, Kia Molly Abang, Amongi Irene, and Dr Grace Anna Atine are independent hopefuls with huge attachment to the NRM party.

NRM’s Rosemary Seninde who heads national mobilisation, Emmanuel Dombo and others travelled to Dokolo on Saturday.

The national chairman of the NRM and the President, Yoweri Museveni is expected to campaign for Elau in Dokolo on March 19 ahead of voting on March 21.

In the same week, FDC and UPC presidents are expected to campaign for their flag-bearers.

Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal is holding the FDC flag in an attempt to replace her late mother, Cecilia Ogwal who died on January 18 at 77.

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