Nyanjura Doreen: If Janani Luwum was alive

(Last Updated On: 16 February 2024)

Kampala | Today we celebrate the courage of the Late Janani Luwum, a man of the collar, who spoke truth to power, stood up for justice and paid the ultimate price for it.

As we reflect on the life of this selfless servant of Christ, we need to ask ourselves, ‘If Luwum was alive today what would he have done?’ ‘What would he tell Museveni?’

‘What would be his take on the drones that are whisking away citizens to unknown places from where some never return?’ ‘Would he close his eyes to the torture and killing of innocent people?’ ‘Would he bless the thieves in government?’ ‘Would he line up to receive Land Cruisers from a corrupt despot?’

‘Would he urge Ugandans to be thankful to this corrupt regime arguing that it is not as bad as the dark old days?’

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Archbishop Luwum was cut from the same cloth as the biblical prophets and apostles like Elijah and Peter who never flinched from their calling to speak truth to power.

They never preached health and wealth to unjust rulers. Like Elijah who confronted Ahab over Naboth’s vineyard, Archbishop Luwum confronted Amin over the injustices that plagued Uganda.

Unfortunately, our prophets today, the religious leaders, lack the spine to stand up against injustice. They speak in tongues trying to explain away the excesses of power by favourably comparing today’s leaders to those of the past.

They do not know that God’s servants are sent to a specific society at a specific time to address the specific issues of the day. Thus, Elijah did not seek to placate Ahab’s ego by telling him that he was better than king Saul. He condemned Ahab’s injustice.

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Our prophets today, the church leaders, do not condemn the sinners of today. They rationalise and justify them through the prism of the sins of previous generations.

This is a mark of false prophets! Singing songs of praise to unjust powers for the sake of procuring favour from sons of men!

The previous generations had their prophets, the likes of Luwum and Festo Kivengere. They don’t need your retrospective pontifications.

Turn away from the evil of being false prophets and return to the path of Luwum, Kivengere and the biblical righteous prophets like Elijah. Do not trade your conscience and call for a car or cup of tea at the despot’s table. Stand up for truth and justice no matter the cost.

For God and my Country

Nyanjura Doreen is the Deputy Lord Mayor of KCCA.

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