Letter from Iowa to Dokolo [Lango] and Dr Tanga Odoi

(Last Updated On: 16 February 2024)

Iowa, U.S. I Dear Editor, I always follow the politics of Uganda and now Dokolo with tndNews my source regarding the forthcoming by-election in Lango.

I can say much about it but let me be very brief but to the point. In one of your articles: “UPC says ‘campaign machine ready’ for Dokolo by-elections”, the publication predicted the possible ‘political showdown’ between the chairperson of the NRM electoral commission, Dr Tanga Odoi and UPC leader and Lira City East MP, Jimmy Akena

In July 2023, they both treated us to their hot drama in Oyam North, Lango. My brother, Odoi soiled his name on top of being branded a “thief” for alleged electoral fraud during the day of the Oyam North by-election.

Anyone from Tororo like Dr Tanga Odoi cannot come to Lango, especially now in Dokolo to ‘set a pace’ regardless of his current leadership role. We had two primary healthcare ministers from Tororo: Shara Opendi Achieng and Emmanuel Otala,  both of whom did nothing for us. 

Until today, we have girls in Tororo defecating in the bush and you go to Dokolo, no. Ugandans, we need to wake up, let’s be serious.

We are talking about replacing Cecilia Ogwal. If the people find Ogwal’s values are in her daughter, Dr Rosemary Alwoc, which is okay, let it be. If that is what the people have found, it’s okay. 

To respect Cecilia Ogwal and the values she stood for, don’t pick rubbish. Cecilia set a pace that needs to be said. So, you don’t have to bring any Tom, Dick and Harry to Dokolo. We want that pace, fearless: because it can’t be scraps. 

Who do you want to replace Cecilia Ogwal with? Any Tom, Dick, and Harry? We have to first remember that the first President of the country came from Lango, so Lango is not a joking subject.

Must Dr Tanga Odoi be a pacesetter for [by] elections in Lango, in Dokolo? No, no. It’s either a walkover by UPC based on the facts that some of us have or let it go to the Ogwals. 

 I am from Tororo and nobody from my home district should come for a ‘political showdown’ to fix things in Dokolo.

The writer, James William Mugeni is an activist and Certified Public Manager from Tororo, Uganda.

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