Lango: UCE star schools as St Mary’s College Aboke and Wisdom High lead in Kole 

(Last Updated On: 16 February 2024)

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) handed over the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results for 2023 to Minister of Education Janet Museveni who officially released it at State House Lodge, Nakasero, Kampala.

In his statement, the Executive Director of UNEB, Dan Odongo said the 2023 UCE performance was better than that of 2022.

Odongo said girls performed better in the English language than boys, while boys also challenged girls in Sciences, Geography, Commerce and History.

In 2023, 364,469 candidates sat for the UCE exams from 3,808 examination centres across the country. Out of these, 118,633 candidates (32.5%) were USE beneficiaries, added Odongo.

Meanwhile, the number of boys who registered for the 2023 exams was 180,471 (49.5%) and 183,998 (50.5%) were girls.

In 2022, 349,459 candidates registered for their UCE.

A total of 64,782 passed in division one last year, and 85,566 passed in division two.

83,545 obtained division three and 112,924 got fourth division. A total of 14,879 failed the examinations.

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In Lango sub-region, Kole district also shone with several students passing in division one.

St. Mary College Aboke got 54 in division one out of 55 candidates who sat.

Still in Kole, Wisdom High Secondary School in Akalo town council has excelled.

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Executive Director Ogwal Ambrose said this excellence came out as a result of teamwork between parents, students and the teachers.

Wisdom has 75 in division one and 80 in division two out of 163 candidates who sat.cyber event

Ogwal encourages parents not to consider only first grade because someone who passed in divisions two, three and four in the primary leaving examination can still pass very well in UCE.

He cited seven students who passed in division two and three in the primary leaving examination and now have all passed in division one.

Ogwal is the national representative of all secondary school teachers at the national executive council of UNATU. He has authored a book on the modern approach to European History and is a pioneer panellist for history and political education at NCDC.

Wisdom High S. School first sat UCE in 2020 and got 9 in division one. In 2022, 63 candidates passed in division one.

 In Lira City, Lira Town College got 29 candidates in division one,106 in second division and 144 third division out of 499 candidates.

In 2022, the College got 18 in division one and 70 in Division Two, according to the head teacher, Sophia Rose Acen,

St Catherine Girls S. School Boroboro got 80 in division one and 103 in division two out of 262 candidates who sat. In 2022, 254 registered and 44 passed in division one, head teacher Nakwagala Rose Nangwala told tndNews.

She praised her students and teachers for their achievement in the performance of 2023. She has been the head teacher of “SK” for more than 10 years.

Martin Ojok, the headteacher of St Gracious Secondary School in Lira City whose 92 candidates passed in division one and 42 in division two out of 140, urged parents to concentrate efforts on their children’s education if they wanted to achieve more in the future.

At Faith Secondary School 57 got division one, 67 in division two out of 152 who sat, said Erick Ocen, the headteacher.

Mentor Secondary School got 100 in division one and 73 in division two out of 180 candidates who wrote 2023 UCE.

Dr Obote College Boroboro has 93 in grade one, and 40 in division two out of 143 candidates.

Lango College got 19 in division one and 67 in division two out of 149 candidates.

Comboni College has 22 in division one and 50 in division two out of 101 who sat.

In Otuke, Adwari SS got 33 in Division One and 84 in division two out of 248 candidates.

In Kwania, Aduku SS scored 27 in division one and 57 in division two out of 129 who registered for 2023 UCE.

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