Dokolo Decides: FDC hands flag to Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal 

(Last Updated On: 15 February 2024)

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party on Wednesday, February 14, handed over her flag to Dr Rosemary Alwoch Ogwal, the daughter of the fallen MP, Barbara Cecilia Atim Ogwal. 

Dr Alwoc, pending nomination by the electoral commission (EC), is running for the vacant Dokolo district Woman MP seat. She is highly rated to replace her mother who died aged 77.

The EC while unveiling the road map on February 12 confirmed that the by-election for the position of Dokolo Woman MP will be held on March 21, 2024.

Recently, the FDC party top leadership held a consultative meeting with Dr Alwoc Ogwal and her family on the possibility of endorsing her as FDC flag bearer.

Speaking to tndNews shortly after the endorsement exercise held in Najjanankumbi, FDC party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi confirmed the success of the endorsement of Dr Alwoc Ogwal as the countdown to nomination and polls nears.

Amuriat Oboi said the endorsement has finally removed uncertainties that were expressed through the media and other forms of media about Dr Alwoc’s stand and determination to continue with her mother’s legacy and to also hold the FDC party.

He said she is a capable leader who has very high leadership argument and political abilities.

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“Yes, the mood is exciting from us at the FDC party that this has happened and we are glad that Imat Cecilia’s legacy can now continue through Dr. Alwoc,” said Amuriat.

The FDC President further said instead of holding primary elections to get the flag bearer, the party opted for a consensus noting that the FDC party endorsing Dr Alwoc has made a statement.

“I think that the FDC party through Dr Rosemary Alwoc has made a statement and this should give confidence to the people of Dokolo and Lango to vote for Dr Alwoc,” Amuriat told tndNews.

Dokolo district LC5 boss, James Otto Apili in an interview, said that Dr Rosemary Alwoc has all that qualifies her to be MP of Dokolo since in the past, she ventured and worked closely with Imat Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal.

“Dr Alwoc Ogwal has been working hand in hand with Imat Cecilia in line with giving consultancy aspects, advice and also a strong lobbying power in all the campaigns of Cecilia Ogwal and this she did through her lobbying abilities through the local and central government of the United Kingdom,” said Otto Apili.

Apili said support to Dr Alwoc has to be accorded to ensure that FDC party utilises opportunities that come with her to benefit Dokolo district in regards to balanced service delivery.

Apili who is also the FDC chairperson for Northern Uganda, added that Dr Rosemary is a leader that is so passionate about education and instilling the element of togetherness and unity regardless of political affiliation.

“Dr Alwoc has drawn plans to uplift and develop education in Dokolo district since she has always been giving support to vulnerable children. She was doing this through her mother Imat Cecilia.”

Her party has urged the people of Lango, especially those in Dokolo, to see Dr Alwoc as a fitting successor to the late Cecilia Ogwal.

The late MP Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal served the district for nearly 17 years since 2007.

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