‘Embrace the journey of 40 days lenten period’ – Bishop Wanok tells Christians 

(Last Updated On: 14 February 2024)

Lira | The Right Reverend Sanctus Lino Wanok, the Bishop of Lira Diocese on Tuesday, February 13 called on Christians to embrace the journey of 40 days Lenten period that summarises the lifespan we take on earth.

The Bishop made the call as he delivered his Ash Wednesday message to Christians at his residence within Lira Catholic premises.

Drawn from the canonical gospel of Mathew 4:17, this year’s Lenten period will run under the theme: “Repentance, Prayer, and Work.” Bishop Wanok stresses the need for humanity and the journey of faith thereby urging Christians to walk this journey together while instilling the aspect of solidarity with Jesus Christ.

He also encourages Christians during their 40 days of the Lenten period to repentance, prayer, and fasting, noting that fasting helps overcome personal challenges that may deter us from our Lenten plea and also demonstrates selflessness by assisting those in need.

“Use this period to help those in need, share with those who cannot afford and this can be food,” he emphasised. cyber event

Bishop Wanok on the other hand emphasised the importance of work during Lent, calling upon Christians to engage in meaningful work, activities that reflect the quality and an accepted standard of Christian living.

The man of God encouraged believers to respect Sundays as a day of thanksgiving and rest just like Jesus did.

“Jesus Christ worked for six days and on the seventh day, he rested. Therefore, we need to follow his footsteps and that will promote a balanced and spiritual lifestyle,” Bishop Wanok added.

He, however, warned against pride that inculcates greed, lust, laziness, wrath and curse, among others that are regarded as capital sins before Christ.

“You ought to be more cautious and vigilant while observing the importance of self-control and humility to avoid falling into these traps placed by Satan,” warned Wanok.

He called upon members of the entertainment industry operating within the region (Lango) to respect the norms of the Lenten season.

“Try to desist from loud music that can deter people from observing the Lenten period,” he told entertainers.

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