24 February 2024


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Father, 35, defiles 14-year-old daughter in a local lodge

The victim's father, Paul Mwanje is now being charged with aggravated defilement. 

Paul Mwanje now in custody.

Last Updated on: 11th February 2024, 06:19 pm


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Jinja | Paul Mwanje, the main suspect and a resident of Katende zone, Bugembe, Northern division in Jinja city has been allegedly defiling his daughter aged 14.  

Police findings indicate that Mwanje defiled his biological daughter whose name has been withheld between the months of January and February 2024 from a yet-to-be-identified local lodge.

Spokesperson of Kiira Region Police, SP James Mubi reveals that the father of three children with the victim being the oldest, has been buying chips and chicken, chapati, and sweets; and taking her daughter out on several occasions to the unidentified lodge.

SP Mubi says preliminary findings have it that Mwanje has been favouring his daughter (victim) at the expense of the two other children (boys).

The PRO further says information gathered from residents of Katende zone cite that Mwanje has been overprotective of the daughter and abusing any male person who tries to get close to the daughter, adding that he promised to arrest any man who tries to “love” the daughter he has now defiled.

The deceptive behaviour of the man prompted neighbours to probe his behaviour and ask the girl until the girl disclosed everything the father had been doing to her.

 “It was at this point that neighbours informed Police which immediately led to his arrest in the wee hours of February 11, 2024,” SP Mubi revealed.

The victim has been medically examined and results indicate a ruptured hymen and habitual penetration.

As Police continue to locate the lodge in question including the owner, workers and manager, Police strongly warn all hostels, lodges and happening places against allowing minors in their premises to have prohibited sex.

“Police are locating the lodge in question in Bugembe and the owner, manager and workers will be arrested and the lodge closed permanently because such misconduct is totally unacceptable in society. They are making money at the expense of the future of our children who are supposed to be protected from any danger or ill-treatment,” added Mubi.

“The mother of the victim went to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for “Kyeyo” in 2023 and left the three children in the hands of their father. But on several occasions, the father reportedly defiled the daughter seven times from the lodge in question in Bugembe and two times at the paternal home in Katende zone, Bugembe,” Mubi told tndNews.

The suspect, Paul Mwanje is now being charged with aggravated defilement.

“He is a parent with authority over the victim and the victim is below 14 years. The suspect is yet to be examined medically to establish his mental status and HIV status.”

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