24 February 2024


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Why Police arrested 4 for riding ‘locally made motorcycles’ in Lira City

Lira City environment officer has praised the Police for the arrest, pleading support to protect the environment.

Note: this motorcycle is not the one, used for publication purposes only.

Last Updated on: 9th February 2024, 07:54 pm

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Lira | Riders of locally made motorcycles in Lira City are on the spot, tndNews understands. 

The territorial Police in Lira say they have apprehended four people for riding locally manufactured motorcycles in the City.

The riders are, among others, accused of reckless riding and causing sound pollution.

The motorcycles which are mainly ridden by male youths at a terrific speed have caused a lot of concern from residents and other road users in regards to noise pollution and road accidents, Police say.

SP Mathias Okwir Lumumba is the Regional Traffic Police Officer of North Kyoga Region. He confirmed the arrest of four people who were found riding what he described as “illegal motorcycles” in the City.

He said the four, whom he did not publicise their names, were arrested last week. They continue to be held at Lira Central Police Station pending prosecution.

According to Leornard Otika, Lira City environment officer, such riders are making it an offence under.

Otike cited the “Noise Standard and Control Regulation of National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA) Statutory Instrument 30 of 2013 and Section 95 of National Environment Act 2019” that provides for penalties and fines.

Otika has pledged to work with the traffic Police to ensure that such illegal motorcycles are impounded.

He noted that the bikes have become a source of noise pollution in the City.

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