Jinja: Bar owner on the run following sudden death of customer

(Last Updated On: 8 February 2024)

Buwenge Police have beefed up a search for James Mulopa, a local bar owner located in Kalamoya zone, Buwenge town council in Jinja district following the death of a customer. 

The sad incident, according to preliminary findings, occurred on the fateful night of February 7, 2024, at around 1 am while Zubair Sekiti also known as Balikoowa, a resident of the same area was seen in the company of other people drinking “waragi” and smoking “Oris cigarettes” at Mulopa’s bar.

However, Zubair Sekiti collapsed and died, sparking questions among the community members surrounding his sudden death.

Spokesperson of Kiira Region Police, SP James Mubi confirmed this incident, citing that Buwenge Police responded to the scene.

He said a Death Inquiry File was opened to allow commencement, prosecution and guide investigations surrounding the sudden death.


“The deceased body is at Jinja main hospital pending post-mortem and forensic report following the submission of exhibits to Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL),” said Mubi.

Mubi says “by law” Oris cigarettes were banned in Uganda. Smoking is prohibited in smoking-free zones especially public places like bars, hotels, hospitals, schools, lodges, offices, recreation centres; mosques, and churches among others, he added.

“Cigarette smoking is not allowed to persons below 21 years, and cigarettes are sold in packets not sticks,” he noted.

SP Mubi also confirmed that Kiira Regional Police command is to start an enforcement drive against culprits who violate the Tobacco Control Act.

“James Mulopa is to be charged for permitting smoking in smoking-free zones, selling prohibited cigarettes to a minor because cigarette smoking is allowed to persons above 21 years,” Mubi emphasised.

He also noted that cigarette smoking causes among others, cancer, bad breath, and reduced blood flow. The PRO is urging all stakeholders like district and city health officers, civil organisations, political leaders, parents, and religious and cultural leaders to join the enforcement drive to ensure a total ban on cigarettes in Uganda.

“If it is proven that the deceased was murdered, subsequently, suspects will be arrested,” he told this publication. 

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