Liberating Uganda

Joint security forces hail Museveni for ‘liberating Uganda

(Last Updated On: 7 February 2024)

Entebbe | Uganda’s joint security forces led by UPDF have hailed President Yoweri Museveni for liberating the country from poor leadership.

The security forces made their remark on February 6, 2024, as they joined the rest of the country to celebrate the 43rd Tarehe Sita anniversary celebrations to commemorate the founding of a Peoples’ Force.

This particular celebration took place at Entebbe Mayors Gardens while the national celebration was held in Bugiri district.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Commander of Special Forces Command (SFC) Brig Gen David Busingyye Mugisha thanked the President and Commander in Chief, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for transforming the army into a People’s Force.

Brig Gen Mugisha also thanked Museveni for liberating the country from what he described as “poor leadership”. Advert banner

Last week, State Minister for Defence in charge of Veteran Affairs, Huda Oleru said “past armies participated in extra-judicial killings”, commending the UPDF for being “pro-people”.

Gen Mugisha noted on Tuesday that the army-civil military engagements in activities like offering free clinical services to civilians, cleaning Entebbe and minor infrastructural works, among others, are all testament to the much-needed desire to strengthen the strategic relationship between the forces and the civilian population.

He added that bringing services nearer to people cements the army’s relationship with the people, adding that the ‘army comes from the people’ and after serving diligently they go back to the people.

Brig Gen Steven Kigundu is the Deputy Commander of Air Force. He said UPDF is an army without borders, lauding the UPDF for their dedicated service in securing the country and advising them to keep up the spirit.

Deputy RDC of Entebbe Hakim appreciated President Museveni for the good leadership and the armed forces for their wonderful service that has made Entebbe more peaceful.

He called upon the civilian population to work with security forces in the maintenance of peace and stability.

The joint security forces cleaned Entebbe Municipality and surrounding areas, a symbolic act aimed at giving back to the civilian population in honour of their outstanding contribution to the liberation struggle.

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