24 February 2024


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Tayebwa directs ministry of education to punish schools charging exorbitant fees

Private schools in Uganda are charging "a lot" of money in school fees with calls for standardization.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa chairing a plenary on Wednesday. Courtesy photo.

Last Updated on: 7th February 2024, 06:13 pm

Kampala | The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa has directed the Ministry of Education and Sports to institute powerful sanctions against schools that are charging exorbitant school fees.

This is after several complaints from the public including Kole North MP, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti.

MP Acuti, last year on the floor of Parliament, presented his findings revealing how lower and secondary schools in the country are too expensive for (poor) parents.

The Kole North MP later requested the government to “standardize school fees”.

During plenary on February 7, 2024, the Deputy Speaker said Parliament has extensively handled the matter on school fees but “the situation seems to be getting worse”.

“There are very many complaints regarding fee circulars from various schools including the government and private schools that have been discussed from this House, I have seen several circulars including from the government schools with regard to that matter, including giving very clear directives, but the situation seems to be getting worse and some of the school fees being charged are totally prohibitive,” said Tayebwa.

The deputy Speaker expressed concern about the significant variations in school fees charged by different institutions leading to hardships for parents and students.

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Tayebwa has since directed the Ministry of Education and Sports to present a statement on punitive measures being put on schools that have defied government directives on fees.

Many schools in Uganda, both public and private have been levying school fees without such regulations, something that has put a toll on the income of many parents.

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