24 February 2024


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DK Odongo advises gov’t to provide walking tractors in every village  

Ajuri County MP (GCW) Obua says the tractors are in fulfillment of the National Resistance Movement manifesto of sifting people of Uganda from subsistence agriculture to commercial venture.

These are some of the tractors that were donated to Alebtong farmers. Photo by Arao Denis.

Last Updated on: 3rd February 2024, 02:15 pm

Alebtong I Alebtong LC5 chairperson David Kennedy (DK) Odongo has advised the government to provide handheld tractors to every village in the country to increase production and productivity.

Odongo says the machinery will help 39 per cent of people trapped in subsistence farming to migrate faster to commercial agriculture since it is only the available option to fight household poverty and boost production.

Odongo on January 29, 2024, received 14 walking tractors including one big set given by the government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal, Industry and Fisheries in a ceremony held at the district headquarters.

DK has advised the farmers to embrace the development of using the machinery so that they can have more that they can sell and invest.

“I want to thank the government so much but I pray that they should give more and more such every village has a walking tractor to boost production,” the Alebtong chair says.

“More production means more products that will come on board. Therefore, we shall also attract the market because markets always look for products,” he adds.

He says it has been their cry that the government should elevate our farmers from subsistence farming to commercial farming.

“But what has been our major challenge is that is the size of the land because the tool that we were using was hand hoes.”

The Ajuri County MP who doubles as the government Chief Whip, Denis Hamson Obua handed over tractors. The bigger tractor was handed over to Amugu Agro Technical Institute to ease the training of students pursuing agricultural courses.

Obua says the tractors are in fulfilment of the National Resistance Movement manifesto of sifting people of Uganda from subsistence agriculture to commercial venture and also aiming at highlighting the strategic direction and vision of President Yoweri Museveni.

MP Obua ‘Ajuri’ and Alebtong woman MP Dorcus Aceng (M) and RDC Gillian Akullu. Photo by Arao Denis.

“We are all aware that he has been preaching all over the country the four-acre model. So in fulfilment of his vision, the government through the Ministry of Agriculture has kicked off the process of the distribution of walking tractors to all the sub-counties in Uganda including one big tractor for the district,” he adds.

The principal of Amugu Agro, Samuel Junga was grateful for the offer because a good number of students at the institute are undertaking agriculture.

“We have the greatest number of students taking agriculture and we have been lacking such kind of equipment because the number they have is overwhelming and cannot do anything good using hand hoes,” Junga adds.

The availability of the tractor, Junga says will be effective in training students and also increase crop production.

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