24 February 2024


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Buyende: cervical cancer cases worry UPDF medical team

The UPDF medical team have already registered worrying cases of reproductive system diseases in two districts in Busoga.

UPDF medical personnel attend to a cervical cancer patient.

Last Updated on: 3rd February 2024, 10:12 pm

Buyende | The UPDF medical team in Buyende district has raised concern over the increasing number of cervical cancer cases in the district.

As a result, the medics have opened up static and mobile clinics to give back to the community.

The medical support is in preparation for the commemoration of the 43rd Tarehe Sita anniversary to be held in Bugweri district on February 6.

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According to the screening team leader Sergeant Malema Annet and screening nurse Corporal Nakibuka Cissy, out of 200 patients diagnosed, 100 tested positive for cervical cancer.

The medics attributed the worrying figures to mainly engagement in sex at a tender age.

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The UPDF medical team in Buyende led by Captain Dr Abbey Kiyengo applauded the big turn-up of patients at the Kidera Health Center 1V.

“This still shows the strong link between UPDF and the people.

“For just 5 days, over 1,800 patients have benefited from the various packages offered by UPDF like ear-nose-throat checkups, free HIV testing and counselling, malaria treatment; free eye and dental treatment and other minor surgeries, among others,” Captain Dr Kiyengo highlighted.

The UPDF teams have also been involved in minor construction works, offered scholastic materials, and provided financial literacy, among others to locals in Buyende district.

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