24 February 2024


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Hundreds treated by UPDF medical team in Namayingo 

According to the UPDF, over 600 patients have so far been treated in Namayingo in the ongoing pre-Tarehe Sita activities.

A UPDF medical officer talking to people who turned up for medical care.

Last Updated on: 2nd February 2024, 09:01 am

Namayingo | Over 600 people have received medical treatment from the UPDF medical team at Buyinja Health Centre IV in Namayingo district. 

The medical support is part of the Forces’ activities in Eastern Uganda ahead of the 43rd Tarehe Sita celebrations on February 6 at Bugweri district headquarters.

Maj Dr Abdul Nyanzi, the team leader said the medical team will provide both surgical and medical treatment, screenings for hypertension, and cervical cancer; HIV testing and counselling, voluntary safe male circumcision, dental and eye care, and fumigation, among others.

Dr Nyanzi urged the community to improve their sanitation as most diseases are caused by poor sanitation. He also implored leaders to sensitise the people and create awareness about personal hygiene and sanitation.

Dr Kaluuba Charles, the in-charge of Buyinja Health Centre IV, expressed his gratitude towards the government of Uganda and UPDF for extending the medical camp to Namayingo.

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“We’re grateful because many patients have benefited from this Tarehe Sita medical camp, many people have been operated on and we pray that UPDF continues to serve our country,” he added.

He also urged the locals to always go for early medical check-ups and get treatment when it’s still early instead of waiting until they are very weak.

One of the residents, Haji Yusuf Musana, commended the UPDF medical team for reaching out to the local community and giving various treatments.

 “I was very sick, but they have given me treatment. Now I’m feeling better. Thank you, UPDF, for the good spirit and for not discriminating,” Haji Musana said.

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