Meet the first Ugandan law student in India

(Last Updated On: 1 February 2024)

Kampala |Having obtained a first class and completed his diploma in legal practice at the Law Development Centre, Kampala in 2019.

The legal juggernaut Godfrey Banyenaki embarked on his academic journey to India.

He says he secured his fully funded study scholarship in India through his established connections within the government of India.

Banyenaki is excited he has headed to the gigantic Asian nation.

He pursued his dual bachelor’s (BA-LLB) from Marwadi University in the state of Gujarat for five years.

He credits the government of India for this wonderful opportunity that enabled him to explore the diverse culture and education opportunities in India.

Besides making it an international advocate, Godfrey Banyenzaki has created a platform where Ugandan students can study in India and attain scholarships with ease.

In making this possible, he has so far helped 20+ students to different Universities in India.

With his pioneering spirit, he started up a consultancy firm to help students attain education in India and other countries in “this borderless world”, he says.

Banyenzaki and his mates.

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