Wife kills husband after unresolved accumulated domestic violence 

(Last Updated On: 3 February 2024)

Amolatar | A young woman in Amolatar has been arrested following the death of her husband on January 30, 2024.

The North Kyoga Regional Police say their territorial command in Amolatar district has in custody the suspect, Apio Sarah, 26.

She is facing an allegation of killing her husband Oyari Felix, 43, by assaulting him.

The crime, PRO SP Jimmy Okema said occurred at around 8 am.

She and the deceased are residents of Adum cell, Adum ward, Etam Town Council in Amolatar district.

SP Okema told tndNews the crime was reported to Etam Police post by Pule Peter, 54.

It’s alleged that on January 29, 2024, at around 9 pm, the deceased, 43, had a domestic misunderstanding with his wife Apio Sarah.

Soon she picked a dry piece of firewood with a sharp end and hit the deceased on the forehead. He sustained injuries and fainted, the suspect later took the husband inside the house, until the morning when the condition worsened.

“She later contacted her in-laws for help, but unfortunately along the way while he was being rushed to the hospital, he passed on and they went back home,” said Okema.

He added: “The brothers of the deceased reported to Etam Police post and the woman was intercepted and arrested by Police while running away.”

Exhibits with blood stains, and clothes worn by the deceased were recovered from the scene and exhibited as evidence.

“This is yet another unfortunate incident, we continue appealing to members of the public to desist from an act that leads to death, rather seek guidance and support from the clan leaders and responsible authorities.

“Otherwise, once the investigation is completed the file will be submitted to the Resident City State Attorney for perusal and legal advice before arraigning her to court on a charge of murder,” according to the PRO.

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