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Lusciously endowed Jane reveals Patrick’s eroticism ahead of their cultural marriage

(Last Updated On: 30 January 2024)

Oyam I Jane Frances Oling and Patrick Adupa have loved one another for years. The pair also worked together at Plan International Uganda’s Country office, Kampala some years ago.

They are set to get united in a traditional marriage scheduled for March 2024.

Jane – lusciously-endowed tells tndNews, “We have been friends for close to thirteen years now.” While at Plan International Uganda, Patrick’s position was more senior than Jane’s.

Patrick was the National Child Protection Manager. Jane was the field officer for the BIAG UP project focusing on the safety of adolescent girls in the urban setting in Kampala covering areas of Kawempe, Nakawa, and Kisugu in Makindge and Rubaga divisions.

From Plan, Jane crossed to the government, but their friendship continued. The duo’s friend, who worked with Jane and Patrick at Plan, says Patrick was “so protective of Jane”. “It was an absolute care of a man who is now Jane’s number one,” speaking on condition of anonymity, she recalls.

Patrick and Jane during his visit to ask for her hand in marriage on Jan. 6.

“It appears that the two agreed to marry each other long ago, but due to the strict Plan’s policy, they couldn’t. One would therefore suspect that this could have been the reason why Jane crossed over to government,” she adds.

After a few years of separate workplaces, Jane and Patrick – a man he tells this publication has a complete eroticism, started appearing together at public functions. They started having lunch together, taking evening coffees, dinner, shopping, and in some cases visiting friends.

The two love birds were at one time sighted at Margarita Hotel enjoying their weekend away from Kampala and they truly looked happy.

Jane comes from the famous clan in Lango, known as Mua-otiratok, while Patrick is from Okarowok-wiibie Acel clan.

Meanwhile, their traditional marriage is set for March 2024. This follows Patrick’s visit to Jane’s family on January 6, 2024, during which he traditionally asked for her hand in marriage with a ring, a banquet of flowers, cash and other traditional gifts as per Lango marriage customs.

Jane and Patrick on January 6, 2024.

This phase of other subsequent events was successfully concluded in a very colourful ceremony held at Jane’s elder brother – Simon Peter Odongo’s home in Kampala attended strictly by Jane and Patrick’s family members. “As a family, we have lost a fearless defender of our family. Jane protects her family, siblings and relatives from human rights violations and any other form of abuse,” says Simon.

The family asserted earlier this month that without Jane, they would feel helpless because of the absence of her protective nature. Jane’s immediate family members gathered in unity and happiness and offered their support. One would simply see the sense of unity exhibited on the proposal day, as lots of traditional dishes and drinks – accompanied by cool music playing in the background.

“Patrick is a lover, he loves taking me out for ice cream, dinner and sauna,” ever-smiling Jane says in an interview with tndNews, adding, “Patrick is so protective, our friendship brings a lot of comfort into the relationship. We laugh; we take long walks together, sing, dance and like taking evening walks together. I am sure he will make a standard husband.”

Jane feels more comfortable because Patrick also worked with her dad, Mzee Vincent I. Oling while the latter was an Honorable member of Apac District Council. At that time Patrick worked as a Programme Team leader for Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) in Apac from 2000 until 2006.

Patrick later funded programmes through Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD), where Hon. Vincent Oling worked as Chairperson Board of Governors from 2013 to 2017. The old man describes Patrick as ‘a great son-in-law’. “He [Patrick] also worked with Jane’s elder brother, Gabriel Oling at Save the Children, some years ago.”

Oling trusts and believes that Patrick will take good care of his daughter, adding Jane is a responsible young woman, empowered, disciplined and hardworking.

It’s important to note that Jane is a famous daughter of Lango and a human rights defender known for her advocacy against social injustice. She won many awards for the same – including one award for her role in Northern Uganda. She has defended the rights of the people of Lango for many years. Her passion for defending the rights of people in the country and the region is massive. She is loved, has many friends and is held in high esteem across the whole Lango sub-region.

Patrick speaks fondly of Jane and how she has supported a number of Ugandans at the national level. “First of all, she is a human rights defender, she doesn’t want to see people suffer and that ties also with my work, human rights and child protection. We enjoy that work – promoting human rights.  We will be working for Lango for the next so many years to come,” he adds.

While working at Plan International Uganda, Jane was very instrumental in setting up a safer cities programme which focused on reducing adolescent girls from sexual exploitation in Kampala City covering Nakawa, Rubaga and Makindye divisions. This programme has since been extended to cover Kampala and Lira Cities.

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Jane is one of the few young women I have worked with who have very good moral character. She built herself a decent storied residential house at the tender age of 35 years without support from anyone,” romantic hubby recalls.

But, Patrick has advised Jane’s family to ensure they help Jane plan how she will manage her house as he will be taking her away from Oyam to Kwania District in marriage for an everlasting family union.

Her marriage might attract the biggest attendance in Lango, yet

A key planner of the event says why. “Because she is very famous, she is also a mentor to many. Jane is known for mobilizing the people of Lango and bringing them together through a number of platforms.

“She is a people person,” added the key marriage planner.

Patrick also has a good friendship with many traditional Kingdoms and Chiefdoms such as Ker Alur (Alur Kingdom), Ker Madi (Madi Chiefdom), Ker Kal Kwaro Acholi, Ker Lango (Ker Tekwaro Lango/ Lango Cultural Foundation), Tieng Adhola of Tororo on efforts to end early child and forced marriages across Northern Uganda. The Alur King and key members of the Kingdom are expected to grace their marriage in March.

Because of her [Jane’s] close association with religious circles in the country, high-profile guests like Archbishop and Bishops Emeritus Luke Orombi, Alfred Acur Okodi, and others, are expected to grace their marriage.

Both Jane and Patrick have lots of friends in Lango, within and outside the country, including politicians, members of the security forces and civil society organizations.

Jane emphasizes why she chose Patrick for a husband telling tndNews that her choice was influenced by Patrick’s character, humility and professionalism.

He is very intelligent and has contributed a lot towards the promotion of children’s rights in Uganda which directly complements Jane’s [my] work as a human rights defender.”

Additionally, Patrick has worked with many International Humanitarian and Development Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) including Christian Children’s Fund (now Child Fund), Save the Children, Care International and Plan International Uganda. Patrick was one of the first development workers to introduce cattle restocking in Lango from Acenlworo in Apac where he worked as Programme Teamer Leader with Christian Children’s Fund (CCF).

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He facilitated the construction of many primary schools; early childhood development centres (ECD), safe water sources and health facilities as a way of promoting children’s education, health care and social welfare. Patrick has been one of the main advocates for ensuring the Uganda National Child Helpline becomes a government-run service not NGO-led.

He worked closely with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Uganda Police, Ministry of Education and Sports and facilitated the construction of the UCHL national call centre in Kireka, district UCHL action centres as well as, Police child reception centres in Luwero, Kamuli, Buyende, Tororo, Lira and Alebtong districts to strengthen child protection case management services and national child protection response systems in those districts. The child reception centres help ensure that children in conflict with the law arrested by Police are not remanded in the same cells with adults, where they are abused and become hardened criminals.

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“His character, social life and personality are absolutely good. Patrick is very calm, very romantic, honest, caring and loving. He is highly educated with a Master’s in human rights and is currently a senior manager at Plan International. So, I think my household social security is secured, and the future is sustainable,” Jane sweetly talks of her husband-to-be.

Being friends before, getting married to Patrick who has been her tight friend will make them easily relate.

“We respect each other a lot; we just avoid cheap situations like arguments, quarrels and suspicion. We love each other with or without money.”

On his part, Patrick believes in Jane as a true template of a Lango girl, well raised by her parents, an idol for young women to emulate. She is hardworking, passionate, ambitious, resilient and forward-looking; he describes his sweet soul mate.

“I told her I would love, respect, and support and protect her. I pledged to make her the best woman I ever wanted,” Patrick says during the interview, adding that their marriage will act as an inspiration to young boys and girls.

“We want to develop a mentorship program that will help young people realize the value of education, and keeping morality so that they get married at an appropriate age when they are ready and can love each other.”

Patrick says they will work with schools and traditional institutions to make sure that many young boys and girls can enroll, stay and complete their education, so they can get good jobs that can enable them to maintain a high standard of living and contribute to the building of Uganda’s economy before thinking of getting married.

“We are an example or products of the existing Lango marriage guidelines so we want to show them. But above that, we have a footprint for working on different things in Lango, West Nile and Acholi. While working with Plan, we developed a lot of programs promoting education, youth economic empowerment, protection of children and women’s rights.

Further, Jane describes her husband Patrick as a Godly man, telling tndNews, “Patrick loves God so much. In fact, he is a prayer warrior and because of this, my prayer life has improved.”

Her hobbies and tasks

During her free time and annual leave, Jane farms on a seven-hectare piece of land. She mostly grows tomatoes, cabbage, greens, cassava and others. She supplies her produce to markets like Nakawa in Kampala and Hotel Africana also in Kampala.

Jane is the Executive Director of Women in Development, an NGO that seeks to improve the welfare of women and young girls and promotes human rights issues across the country. She is also the national consultant with the Parish Development Model Secretariat.

High-profile guests

At least 500,000 guests are expected to grace Jane and Patrick’s traditional marriage in March 2024 in Minakulu, Oyam South, Oyam district.

Due to her closeness to the government and security circles, the Country’s Number One whom she has access to is expected to attend.

Jane and the President in recent years.

Dozens of senior officers in the security forces are also expected to attend – some of whom have already confirmed travelling to Minakulu in March.

The pair is blessed with one child, a boy.

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