‘The birth of FRONASA made this era of doom now history’ – says minister Gume Ngobi

(Last Updated On: 29 January 2024)

Kaliro | The State Minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives has warned Ugandans – telling them to stop engaging in political talks.

Minister Gume Ngobi advised the population to instead embrace the government development programs.

Everyone must tap from the prevailing abundant peace to improve their quality of life, he said on Sunday while officiating at the 43rd Tarehe Sita Defence Forces Week in Kaliro district.

“Let us remember the past dark days of the country when there seemed to be no hope, Uganda became a failed State characterized by unspeakable human rights abuses, raping, looting and mass murders, to mention.”

Ngobi told the gathering that the birth of FRONASA made this era of doom now history, gratifying President Museveni for spearheading a revolution that ushered in peace.

Maj Gen Moses Rwakitarate who represented the Chief of Defence Forces Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, highlighted the significance of Tarehe Sita as an annual regional and rotational event to commemorate the founding of NRA/UPDF as a Peoples’ Force.

The celebrations to be held in Busoga sub-region on February 6, aim at connecting with the population, Maj Gen Moses said.

“Subsequently, from the 24th anniversary, we realised the need to subsequently take the barracks to the people as well – (in Lusoga, Mwinho Akuwa, Gwowa). We chose this, such that we get to be with the people and then later with us,” he added.

Maj Gen Moses said commemorations became regionalized rotationally and that this year, UPDF heads to Busoga sub-region.

“In this spirit, every year in the first week of February, UPDF sets aside some time and goes back to the population to; thank the people as the backbone of our security; ungratefulness attracts ungratefulness,” he added.

According to UPDF, in the recent past, the army has covered all regions of Uganda, with the last three in greater Masaka and Kampala in 2021, the Greater Elgon sub–region in 2022; and; the Greater Mbarara sub–region in 2023.

UPDF under the strategic guidance of the Commander in Chief, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Busoga sub-region (Jinja City and the 11 districts) was chosen to host the Defence Forces Week activities.

He said this was particularly for the UPDF to accomplish a six-prolonged mission: That’s to continue re-tracing the FRONASA circuit – as a continuation of the 2022 Greater Elgon sub-region; and 2023 Greater Mbarara sub-region catena of celebrations; recognize the earlier efforts in the fight against Idi Amin and other rebel leaders like Alice Lakwena.

Holding Tarehe Sita in Busoga, the Forces say enables the army to closely conduct Civil Military activities that may address the underlying factors, making this region vulnerable to the activities of extremist groups such as Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) who continue to recruit from the region.

“Busoga sub-region is demographically significant and has the propensity to continue building on previous political performance to turn a critical mass towards the values of patriotism, and also shun the politics of identity and chauvinism.”

This year’s Tarehe Sita activities shall run under the theme: “Celebrating the Peoples’ Struggle for Unity, Security and Peace for Socio-Economic.”

RDC of Kaliro Bangu Fred Aggrey officiated at the general cleaning of Kaliro Town Council and the closing ceremony of the friendly football match between UPDF and Kaliro United FC.

The match ended 5 to 1 in favour of Kaliro United FC who received medals and a goat.

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