Extrajudicial killings

Minister Huda Oleru: “Past armies participated in extrajudicial killings”

(Last Updated On: 29 January 2024)


  • Last year, the UN Human Rights Committee said they were concerned about rights violations and the disappearance of some nationals. 
  • This Committee pointed to the Reports of arbitrary arrests and detention by Police and security forces targeting political opponents, journalists, human rights defenders, and lawyers, among others. 
  • Their recommendation was: “Cases of extrajudicial killings should be looked upon and perpetrators punished.”

Whereas State Minister in charge of Veteran Affairs Huda Oleru Abason has reminded locals of Busoga and the country in general about the crimes committed by the past armies and crediting the current ones, there are a series of allegations against the current army (security forces). 

Minister Oleru says the past armies committed “unlawful crimes like looting from civilians, and participated in extra-judicial killings”.

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But, fortunately, she states that UPDF is rather different since it’s a pro-people force that cherishes the rule of law.

She was on Sunday officiating at the launch of the 43rd Tarehe Sita Anniversary celebrations activities in Busesa Town Council grounds in Bugweri district.

In recent times, security forces have been accused of, among others, extrajudicial killings, kidnaps and torture of anti-government people. Minister Oleru disagrees.

Last year, the panel of UN Human Rights urged Uganda’s security forces to “stick strictly to the principle of necessity and proportionality”.

Speaking at the same event Minister Oleru attended, Brig Gen Patrick Mwesige who was representing Chief of Defence Forces Gen Wilson Mbadi, said Busoga sub-region is remembered for its earlier efforts in the fight against Iddi Amin during the Mayuge Front such as Kityerera forest camp, Busesa, Kaluuba and Musita junction.

Locals in the area were advised to embrace government programs like the Parish Development Model and Emyooga to enrich themselves.

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Minister Oleru told Busoga that Tarehe Sita Anniversary celebrations are being held in the sub-region to remember the sacrifices of present and fallen heroes like Hon late Kirunda Kivejinja and other revolutionists like Mbigiti towards the success of the protracted struggle.

Uganda dragged to the court

In 2021, popular lawyer Male Mabirizi dragged the government to East African Court over extrajudicial killings.

In his plea, Mabirizi sought the regional court to declare that it’s “unlawful” for the government’s security forces to kill someone when that death has not been ordered by a competent court or judicial officers.

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