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Vice President says Cecilia Ogwal was like a ‘magnet’

(Last Updated On: 27 January 2024)

Kole I The Vice President of Uganda Jessica Alupo has eulogized the late Dokolo district woman Member of Parliament Cecilia Atim Ogwal as someone who mentored many people.

Alupo was representing President Yoweri Kaguta as the chief mourner as Lango and the country said their final goodbyes to Cecilia Ogwal.

Ogwal died on Thursday, January 18, 2024, in India at the age of 77.

Here is what the Vice President said briefly:

“… She would always extend that support to people; she had the spirit of voluntarism, to do the correct thing at the right time. When the President formed the current government, she was among the first women to give me a phone call to congratulate me.

“But before that, when I was a backbencher, she always wanted me to speak, to raise my voice. When I was the minister of education, she told me everyone under your leadership should be your sons or daughters.

“Imat had many different styles of mentoring us, and all of them were very practical. It was like a magnet. Whenever you see her you would smile.

“Coming here to celebrate the life of Cecilia Ogwal will give us deep memories in many ways. I want to thank Lameck Ogwal.”

Responding to the demands by the leaders and the people of Lango, on the construction of Akii Bua Stadium, the Vice President said, “Akii Bua stadium was a pledge made by the President himself. The government will build the stadium; we are going to start from where that work stopped.

“The President is coming to Lango sub-region soon for his wealth creation program and then the issue will be made clear.

Hon Imat Cecilia Atim Ogwal was indeed a great stateswoman. I thank the Parliament of Uganda for convening a session which has enabled us to pay glowing tribute to her 

*The Vice President, on January 22, 2024.

On other resolutions, she told the mourners, “The resolutions made in the regional council and Parliament will be implemented expeditiously resources permitted.”

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