PLE results – Lango: Mother says daughter “cried uncontrollably” for scoring 6

(Last Updated On: 27 January 2024)

In pre-primary Leaving Examinations organized by St Kizito Nursery and Primary School in Lira City, Ayoo Genevieve Kimberly, 12, scored D1 in mathematics, D1 in Science, D2 in Social Studies and D1 in English. 

Her math exam paper was marked by three different teachers but still, examiners found she had excellently performed.

Her mother, Auma Tamali tells tndNews “She’s the one we are very proud of indeed”. While Genevieve’s mother is proud of her for scoring an aggregate six (6, D1) in the recently released PLE results, the 12-year-old was expecting to score four.

Genevieve is one of the pupils St Kizito Nursery and Primary School is proud of following the release of the 2023 PLE results. Genevieve scored 2 in English, 1 in Mathematics, 2 in SST and 1 in Science. 

“She cried uncontrollably when I told her she got a 6. Since yesterday, her mood has never been okay,” her mother said.

“We are trying our best to convince her she gave her best and we appreciate it,” Tamali added. Her daughter’s first choice is Namagunga, St Lawrence and St Joseph of Nazareth, Mpigi, respectively.

Other results

St. Gracious Nursery and Primary School, a private school in Lira City has again come on top, results show.

In an interview with tndNews, head teacher Elem Leo praised his teachers for doing “a lot of research and teaching”. He also praised the pupils for their discipline and hard work.

Candidates of St. Gracious Primary School in Lira City.

Eighty-five (85) candidates scored Division One. Saving Grace Nursery and Primary School registered 82 in Division One with four candidates scoring an aggregate 4. 

Fred Ojok who is the director of the above school appreciates the Lira City Council education department for their good work.

Mantle Nursery and Primary has registered 110 in Division One out of 120 who sat for PLE. City Parents got 28 in Division One out of 34 candidates who sat. St. Thomas Akia recorded 

Outside Lira City, Olive Elementary in Alebtong district has got 20 out of 20 in Division One. St Thomas Akia in Lira City recorded 63 in Division One out of 99 candidates.

VH Public School, one of the government-aided schools in Lira City got 67 in Division One while 107 passed in Division Two out of 167 candidates who wrote final exams. Gwomson Jacob Odur is the headmaster. He said English was the best-performing subject.

In Adyel Boarding Primary School, headmaster Otoa Tonny agrees with the result. “The challenging subject was math and science, but English and Social Studies were the best for our candidates.” Adyel got 74 in Division One out of 147 candidates. One candidate did not sit the final exams.

Otoa said why private schools always beat government schools. “Private schools do screening of their candidates but most pupils in government schools always get promoted at the end of the year exams.”

Lira Police Primary School got 33 in Division One out of 75 candidates who sat. Barapowa Primary School recorded 40 in Division One out of 116 who wrote their exams.

Aber Primary School in Oyam district got none in D1 and D2. She recorded 1 in D3 and 3 in D4. Twenty-five failed out of 29 candidates.

Lira Central Primary School got 81 in Division One out of 100 who sat. Thomas Okwir, the head teacher told tndNews that the results for 2022 were better than that of 2023.

A total of 749,254 candidates registered for PLE in 2023 compared to 832,654 in 2022. Of the 2023 tally, 501,602 (66.9%) from 11,365 centers were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries and 247,331 of the candidates were non-UPE.

Reporting by Milton Emmy Akwam and Arao Denis

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