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Gulu city moots ordinance to ban littering of waste

(Last Updated On: 26 January 2024)

Gulu | Gulu City Council has drafted an ordinance on solid waste management. Among others, it will seek to impose a penalty of shs40, 000 on those convicted of littering waste in public.

The ordinance, which debate and enactment are pending city council’s sitting, covers violations such as dumping and littering of waste in public places, motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles parking in undesignated places, setting up washing bays in the wetlands and illegally without council approval, stray animals, among others.

Innocent Ahimbisibwe, the Gulu City Clerk said the ordinance is intended to regulate the living and staying of people within Gulu City.

“We wish to take Gulu City to the higher levels in terms of cleanliness. If somebody is eating ripe bananas or maize, how can we have this waste put in a trash can? If you are in a shop, can we have your shop with dustbins, so that we do not sweep for you and then you litter,” Ahimbisibwe said.

According to Ahimbisibwe, the proposed ordinance is to spur the socio-economic transformation of Gulu City and its residents.

The City clerk told tndNews that there will be designated roads for parking, approved legal points for washing bays and a regulated waste management system within the City.

“People coming to Gulu should not say that Gulu City is dirty; we want it to be like an investment destination, people coming and tourists coming bringing in revenue boosting the local economy and everybody benefit,” Ahimbisibwe added.

Christine Olok, the Gulu City Deputy Mayor said that the ordinance will support the council to regulate street parking and waste management which has been challenging for the City in the past years.

Olok further said that the waste management ordinance will help to prevent air pollution and also keep the City clean and that they expect the public to adhere to the ordinance so that the City remains clean.

“Gulu City has come up with two items to regulate: manage street parking and waste management. This will help to prevent air pollution and keep the City clean. We expect the public to adhere to the ordinance,” Olok said.

According to her, the City will get more revenue since taxpayers will pay their taxes promptly because the City will be conducive for them to do business.

Michael Rubanga, the Gulu City Health Inspector in charge of Solid Waste Management, said that the ordinance will help them to properly manage waste within the city and have a quick answer to the offenders.

Rubanga said that this ordinance will not be to look for offenders but to guide the proper waste management systems within the City.

“We will be able to properly manage our solid waste within the City in that we shall have a quick answer to the offenders than those days in which we did not have guidelines and also incorporate the issue of cleanups within the community so that it is a mandate of everyone to clean the environment once a week,” Rubanga said.

“We will also be saving more funds from solid waste management since we have been spending more than shs9 million in fuel excluding wages for the workers for only one division, a month.”

Joyce Aryemo Latigo, the Acting Gulu City Environment Officer said that the ordinance once passed and enforced shall minimize plastic waste in the wetlands and the environment.

“This one is coming to clean up our house; plastic and waste management will be minimized if the ordinance is passed and put into practice and enforcement done; we shall minimize plastic into the wetlands and our environment and other waste like medical waste, kitchen waste and others into the environment,” Aryemo said

She further said that once the ordinance is put in place, it will help the residents of the Gulu make the city cleaner because it will now be upon the public to play their role in the management of the waste and report culprits.

Gulu Municipality became a City in July 2020, alongside Arua, Masaka, Jinja, Mbarara, and Mbale,

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