Coffee and warning: Kabushenga ‘responds’ to Museveni

(Last Updated On: 26 January 2024)

Kampala I President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday addressed the country on a range of issues.

In his pre-Liberation Day address, Museveni, 79, warned the agents of imperialists who are trying to sabotage the country’s development.

On economic growth, he said the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been growing at the rate of 6.2% per annum quantitatively. “Grow more tea, coffee and cotton. Now, what we are talking about is qualitative. It is not just about having raw materials but adding value.”

As a farmer, Museveni is passionate about coffee farming and value addition. In recent months, the coffee debates became contentious with a series of allegations on key coffee players and misuse of billions of shillings given by the government for value addition, among others.

Robert Kabushenga is a farmer and founder of Rugyeyo Farm. His farm deals in coffee farming and value addition. Kabushenga became one of those to query how $10m was given to a single investor – Nelson Tugume of InspireAfrica. The billions, according to claims, have been largely misused. Later, President Museveni demanded for accountability.

“I want to warn those people who have been decampaigning our coffee value addition strategy. We know who they are and we warn them. They want us to continue exporting our unprocessed coffee and other goods. They want us to continue importing used clothes.

“Even some people have been fighting our refinery. This one will not happen and we want to move on them. They are agents of imperialism,” Museveni said on January 25.

Kabushenga ‘responds’

“Fellow Ugandans, Baganda in their infinite wisdom say that a person who will not be advised sets sail in a clay boat. We, Abakiga know that water can boil all it wants but it must never forget that it comes from a cold place.

“The facts speak for themselves. And history bears us out. I now rest my case. I will leave the rest to your good judgment.

“Everything I have said, everything I have done is For God & My Country.”

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