Your sacrifice can’t go unrecognized – says minister Huda Oleru 

(Last Updated On: 25 January 2024)

Kampala |The Minister of State for Defence – Veteran Affairs, Huda Abason Oleru has said the timely sacrifice and effort of military veterans to Uganda can’t go unrecognised.

The minister was addressing members of the press at the Uganda Media Centre, Kampala on Thursday.

She appreciated the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for having thought it wise to have the 26th of January as a celebrated day because it was a pivotal day that saw the success of political, social and economic change of the country that is now admired by many in the world.

She reminded the veterans and the families of fallen comrades that they should always walk with pride because it is with their blood that Uganda is experiencing the glory of peace that is now exported to other African Nations.

Huda thanked development partners for all the support rendered to the Veterans in terms of social capital and for refurbishing the Chieftaincy of Mubende Rehabilitation Centre Orthopedic Department.

The Minister noted that efforts towards reviewing the Defence Policy 2003 and UPDF Act 2005 are underway with the view of establishing a robust legal framework for the management of the Military veterans in the country.

Brig Gen (Rtd) Emmanuel Musinguzi, Director of Veteran Affairs said thirteen thousand four hundred twelve (13412) cases from the pensions backlog case have been paid their terminal benefits.

Mabonga Mike, the Commissioner of Reintegration Psychosocial Support and Rehabilitation said that the veteran community has peculiarities of all other vulnerable groups including, gender, age, and disability, in addition to the limited ability to transfer military skills in their new civilian contexts.

He said that to help the veterans stamp out such challenges, veterans have been guided to form SACCOs at the district level and associations across 144 districts.

These groups, serve as a gateway to their engagement in national wealth creation programs and easy direct contact.

Mabonga commended the Veterans Legal Aid Clinic which has ably promoted justice for military veterans through the provision of legal services.

He said that over 1,350 cases have been handled this financial year for smooth resettlement of veterans into the communities.

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