“Cecilia was strong and cared for everyone,” says Won Nyaci Ebii during Odyero’s inauguration

(Last Updated On: 22 January 2024)

Apac I The Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) of Lango Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii has mourned the former Dokolo district Woman Member of Parliament, late Cecilia Atim Ogwal.

Won Nyaci Ebii Odur said the late Cecilia Ogwal was a strong woman who cared for everyone without any segregation. He urged other politicians to copy her image. Cecilia died on Thursday aged 77 from India where she was flown for cancer treatment.

MPs and others pay respect to Cecilia Atim Ogwal in Parliament on Monday.

The number one of Lango was speaking at an event held to enthrone the former RDC of Buyende district, Can. Richard Ogwang Odyero as a clan leader.

Can. Odyero was inaugurated on Saturday, January 20, 2024, in Ibuje Ginnery cell, Ibuje town council in Apac district as the Ogora clan leader. Ogora is one of the 150 clans in Lango.

Ogwang said there’s a need for unity in the cultural institution if Lango is to move on as a united tribe with one voice. He added that if we are to promote culture as a Lango tribe, then we need to take the gospel of unity seriously.

Meanwhile, while delivering his remarks, the principal private secretary of Lango Paramount Chief also a clan leader of Malakwanga, George Rashid Opio, said he has no interest in contesting to replace his boss, Yosam Odur Ebii.

There is an election to elect the new Won Nyaci on January 31, 2024.

Opio has urged clan leaders to be united during this coming election so that “our culture moves forward”. Besides the flourishing propaganda that he’s planning to sabotage the forthcoming election, Opio has vehemently disagreed with such fake information.

He appreciates Yosam, describing him as “a strong leader who has built many people”.

Ibuje town council LC3 chairperson, Jawaso Engim has appealed to the owitong (clan leaders) of Lango to stick to positivity to avoid more confusion in Lango.

For more than six years, Lango has been culturally divided with two factions taking care of the affairs of the tribe. During years of turmoil and legal battles, a section of clan leaders moved to support Eng. Dr Michael Odongo Okune, while others bestowed their allegiances to Yosam Odur.

By Arao Denis

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