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Lango comforted: Amb. Otengo, fmr. MP Atim send tributes  

(Last Updated On: 20 January 2024)

Lira | The death of senior politician and lawmaker Cecilia Atim Ogwal is a big blow to Lango and the nation. 

Gone at 77, during her time on earth, Cecilia spoke with courage, optimism and with no fears. She was a champion of democracy; women’s and girls’ rights.

In her constituency (Dokolo), the departed woman MP was close to the church and contributed immensely to the construction and renovations of churches.

She also took care of the welfare of the men of God.

She did the same in Alito, Kole district and across Lango sub-region. Since her death was announced, overwhelming tributes have continued to flow. She has been described and eulogised positively.

tndNews spoke to some former MPs the deceased worked with, including Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Lango, John Charles Odur Kami.

Uganda’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti, Rebecca Amuge Otengo has expressed her shock at the demise. The former MP (9th Parliament) and State Minister for Northern Uganda, Otengo, has praised the late Cecilia Atim Ogwal as a hard-working leader who cared for everyone without any segregation.

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“She was fighting for the rights of young people and girls’ education.

With a heavy heart and enormous sadness, the fearless warrior of humanity, a leader who bore the standard by which all good is judged, Hon Cecilia Atim Ogwal gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country, the Ambassador eulogised.

“Her memory and love for Ugandan will not only be inscribed on her grave but in the hearts of many [whom] she touched.”

Former Member of Parliament for Lira district, Joy Atim Ongom also spoke to tndNews. Ongom said she was mentored by the late.

“The country has lost a very strong leader who was changing the lives of many people while building the young generation for future leadership.

She was with the late in the same Parliament. Atim has urged women in leadership to copy the characteristics of Atat Cecilia Ogwal who started her leadership a long time ago.

“Lango must appreciate her as she was among the people who wrote the 1995 Constitution of this country.”

Maruzi County MP, Maxwell Akora has urged women in their bigger positions [in leadership] to always respect their husbands the way late Cecilia did to her husband Mzee Lameck Ogwal.

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“She was respectful with all her heart since they got married.”

With emotions still high, weeping too hard to control, Lango, particularly, has been given a message of comfort.

Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Lango, John Charles Odur Kami has told mourners to be strong during this hard time because we’re all going to die.

“The death of Imat (Cecilia) should teach us that she supported church activities directly when she was still alive. I encourage other leaders to take an example from the late Iron Lady Barbara Atim Ogwal.”

By Arao Denis

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