Retiring army officers cautioned on health

(Last Updated On: 19 January 2024)

Jinja I In April 2024, five UPDF Generals and other senior officers will be retired from military service, this digital publication reported a few days ago.

Ahead of the event, a five-day sensitisation and documentation exercise to successfully retire 159 of 162 senior officers took place on Friday at the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy in Jinja.

At the Academy, Minister of State for Defence in charge of Veteran Affairs, Huda Abason Oleru spoke. The Minister commended the retiring senior officers for their brave and devoted service to the country, starting from the NRA struggle and continuing throughout their career in the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF).

She further highlighted the officers’ selfless attitude in taking up arms to defend their country when it was most needed, without any concern for payment but only for the sake of self-sacrifice.

“You have played your part by serving Uganda in the most respected institution (UPDF) with honour. Your dedicated service wasn’t in vain because Uganda is now peaceful, thanks for your patriotic service that has yielded good fruits,” she said.

Oleru, before the officers, thanked the Commander-in-Chief, Gen (Rtd) Yoweri Museveni for having created a directorate now taking care of veterans’ needs starting from payment of pensions to full reintegration realization.

“…take cautious care of your health and utilize the existing military hospitals whenever the need arises, do not engage in activities without proper research because it will result in the loss of your hard-earned pension remuneration.”

Further, she pledged continued support to the veteran community, pointing out that the ministry is exploring avenues to provide them with more skills and opportunities during retirement which will enable them to continue being productive members of society.

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