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Forever, you will be remembered: Rest well, Atat Cecilia Ogwal

(Last Updated On: 18 January 2024)

Lango is mourning! The whole nation is sad! Death has robbed the nation of her distinguished daughter and servant, Atat Cecilia Atim Ogwal.

Until her unexpected death, the senior politician was the Dokolo district Woman Member of Parliament.

She died aged 77 in India where she was admitted for “cancer treatment”, according to some sources.

Atat Cissy’s (as widely known in Lango) death is a huge setback to the sub-region where she has been a big voice, an elder and a supporter of God’s servants and humanity. In giving to God what is His, she built houses of worship and supported men of God in her native home – Dokolo and Alito in Kole.

She was married to Mzee Lamex Ogwal and God blessed them with children and grandchildren.

Who was Imat Ogwal? She was born on June 12, 1946. Politically, she was one of the few if not the only longest serving MP in the 11th Parliament. Read more here:

In May 2020, she collapsed at Parliament and was rushed to International Hospital Kampala. Speaking to this publication after she was discharged, she said she left home in good health and left to carry out some transactions in the bank.

While climbing Parliament stairs, she felt nauseated and started vomiting uncontrollably. “… I felt like throwing up and I could not hold it…,” she added.

Atat being eulogized by Lango and the rest of Ugandans

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health, and Lira City Woman MP:I am deeply saddened by the demise of Hon. Imat Cecilia Ogwal. She has been an iconic figure in shaping Uganda’s politics, and her wisdom will live on for decades to come. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Auma Tamali who has known the deceased for a long time and also worked with her as members of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, has described Cecilia Ogwal “as a Big Tree” that everyone rested on.

“Imat Cecilia Atim Ogwal was an icon in the politics in Lango and Uganda at large. Specifically in Lango, we will remember her as a Big Tree that everyone rested on a hot afternoon. As a person, I had a great admiration for her and I believe most of the things I do today were inspired by her given that she spoke a lot of truth to me every time we got an opportunity to meet.

“She has been my mentor and someone I look up to politically. Imat lived a brave life, she spoke and acted bravely in all aspects. She spoke truth to powers that many are afraid of today more significantly on politics and development.

“I will remember Imat for truth-telling whenever she got the opportunity to say it, more significantly using a microphone; she had no voice to whisper or rumourmonger.

“I will also remember Imat for not being the greedy type of leader who chased more after positions and money, by now Imat would have assumed one of the highest positions in the current government but she stood the test which many came in and failed, “her conscience had no price.”

“Lastly, Imat had her unique brand of dress code and hairstyles, for us women we love to copy whatever is trending but Imat kept herself unique till death, check her hairstyle right from her 20s till 70s, this was her rear brand.

“May her soul rest in Peace.”

Billie Otto, LC5 councillor for Otwal to Oyam district council writes:

“It’s just 18, single, ordinary days into 2024, not yet even a month and here, one of the biggest, strongest, most dependable pillars for Africa in general, for Uganda in particular, for Lango to be specific, none other than Hon Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal, has fallen.

“Is 2024 a year of hope or a year of sorrow? Dear God, this is scary, scaring right to the spine!!!

“It’s truly a dark Thursday of the third week of January 2024. It’s a dark January 18th as the world wakes up to the news of the passing on of Hon Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal, the woman Member of Parliament for Dokolo district, the iron lady, as she was fondly, commonly addressed.

“You can never estimate the true length of a tree unless it’s lying down. All the memories of how strong Hon Atat Adwong was, will come back to haunt Lango.

“She spoke like a prophet about unity in Lango, about development in Lango, about Godliness in Lango, about Education in Lango, about Health in Lango, about wealth in Lango, about politics in Lango, about Businesses in Lango, about Lango culture and about the Lango people.

“She loved Lango, she loved Uganda, she loved God and she loved her husband.

“Such a signature, powerful voice, with melodious verbosity, lyrical, poetic and above all, prophetic, now rests forever. She was straightforward even to citizen number one, fearless and bold.

“She was a big curtain that covered Lango, a large fortified wall that protected Lango, a big weapon Lango wielded, but lo, life is truly vanity.

“She never hated her people even when detractors would say filthy things about her, especially to us young people who were just arriving in life. Now she rests with all her qualities.

“How I wish the qualities were transferable or rather inheritable, but lo, it’s just a wish.

“She lived a life of fulfilment and accomplishments in her times.  The challenge is accepted Hon Atat Adwong.

“Hon Atat Adwong, as you were fondly addressed, Hon Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal, the most beautiful grandma, who was the most beautiful girl of her time in Uganda, rest well in the arms of your Creator! Amen.”

Jane Frances Oling, a human rights activist who interacted with the deceased many times, said, “My heart bleeds terribly this morning, Atat is gone to be with the Lord. The country has lost one of its best, fare thee well Hon Atat.”

Julius Acon, MP Otuke East: “You served your God, family and Lango, our Nation and beyond with a distinct character and that legacy will never be written off by anyone. We shall forever miss you. Rest in Peace Imat Cecilia Ogwal.”

Gen. Katumba Wamala, Minister of Works and Transport has described Cecilia as “a lady who loved her country with passion”. “A nationalist who loved beyond party colors when addressing national issues whether local or while in international for a. We have lost a political icon!”

Anita Annet Among, Speaker of Parliament: She has described Atat Ogwal as a “mother, mentor and role model”. “I send my sincere sympathies to her dear husband and the family, friends, the people of Lango and colleagues! May her soul find eternal rest.”

Former Speaker of Parliament and Minister of EAC Affairs, Rebecca Kadaga: “The Sun has set on the life of a vibrant and articulate legislator. Sincere condolences to Mr “Smart” Lameck Ogwal and his family and the people of Dokolo on the passing of Miss Brook Bond.”

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