Napak Woman MP Nakut Faith led peace talks among Pian and Bakora

(Last Updated On: 17 January 2024)

Napak | A successful peace meeting was held in Nabwal, Napak district at the weekend and it set the “tone”, according to the district woman Member of Parliament, Nakut Faith Loru Chuna. 

The meeting was to mediate the disagreements between “the Pian of Nabilatuk and the Bokora of Napak”.

The two tribes, according to the Napak Woman MP, restated their commitment to coexist and focus on shared interests. “Also agreed was a tight penalty for criminals who choose to attack our neighbourhood of Teso.”

According to Chuna, Nabwal sub-county is one of our main food baskets in Karamoja sub-region. “In 2022 when bandits hit it, the hunger that ensued claimed many lives,” she said.

“Therefore, the stability of Nabwal and other food hubs is very critical for agricultural production and for the sustained livelihoods of our people.”

Other leaders who attended the meeting included Awas Sylvia, District Woman MP, Nabilatuk, district security committees, and political leadership of both Napak and Nabilatuk districts.

MP Chuna applauded the UPDF and their commander in chief Gen. (rtd) Yoweri Museveni for their continued resolve to eliminate criminality in Karamoja and the neighbourhood.

 “I believe that one day these many efforts will deliver sustainable peace and security, then Karamoja will be on the same footing with the rest of Uganda,” she added.

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