Akora, Etwop and Dilla have clashed: Dr Okello ‘too old’ for Won Nyaciship 

(Last Updated On: 16 January 2024)

Lira | After serving Lango as their Won Nyaci since 2003, Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii is expected to leave cultural leadership by December 31, 2024.

He will hand over to any of the four clan leaders who have shown interest in replacing him. As it stands, Lango is scheduled to elect a new Chief on January 31, 2024.

However, the election could be postponed – among other reasons due to inadequate funding to facilitate the election and the emerging questions on transparency and accountability.

The latter two reasons seem inconsequential, one clan leader told tndNews. “At the moment, there is not enough money (out of the needed shs40m) to facilitate the election,” he said.

According to the approved resolution by the council of owitong, each of the 149 clans is expected to contribute shs100,000. Should all contribute, shs14.9m only will be available. Where will the balance (shs25.1m) come from? This question everyone in charge we have asked is not willing to answer.

Speaking to tndNews on January 16 in Lira City, Geoffrey Etwop, a clan leader of Ober, accused the speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation, Dilla Benson Oyuku of “demoralising” the planned election.

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Dilla is also the clan leader of Orupu-dag Anywar. Etwop further accused him of bringing confusion in the leadership of Lango Cultural Foundation, by using his power as speaker.

Etwop and Bosco Ogwang Edola, clan leader of Omoloatar Odyakol are handling finance and contributions from different clans.

Like Etwop, awitong Maxwell Akora is not happy with Dilla. In a phone interview with tndNews, Akora blamed the speaker for misleading the council with unnecessary statements.

Akora claims that Dilla did not present the council resolutions to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development ahead of election

“…Lango has been in a fight for more than 8 years with the matter concerning Lango’s cultural leadership,” he said.

Responding to the allegations against him, Dilla cleared the air. “It’s not my job to play someone’s role. I am not against the election of January 31 because the roadmap is out.”

Among the candidates wanting to replace Mzee Yosam are Dr. Eng. Moses Micheal Odongo Okune (Okar omwono clan), Dr. Richard Nam (Okii amat), Patrick Abal (Arak ongoda) and Dr Dan Okello (Guna). However, Dr Okello, 75, according to the constitution is ineligible to contest. For anyone to be legible to contest, he must be 55 to 70 years old.

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Amza Okello, one of the electoral officials, still confirms that the election will take place on January 31.

By Arao Denis

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