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‘Shs2m is available’ yet to aid Won Nyaci’s election on Jan. 31

(Last Updated On: 12 January 2024)

Lira I The election of the new Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) of Lango could face a setback if the required shs40m for the cultural event is not secured in the next few days.

Last year, the Council of Owitong approved a budget estimate of shs40m presented by the electoral commission to support them in the forthcoming election. However, tndNews understands that only shs2m has been collected so far.

Addressing the Council on January 11, Benson Dilla Oyuku, the speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation urged that each clan leader should contribute shs100, 000 to support election.

Dilla confirmed the availability of between shs2m to shs3m only as of January 11.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the electoral commission, Tom Otim informed the meeting that out of the 149 clans, 97 have already delivered names of eligible voters. In their record, Otim said 10 clans have two or three clan leaders (Owitong).

The electoral commission chairperson has appealed to those clans’ heads to sort out their issues with “Itogo” before the election to avoid inconveniences, saying the election process is on.won nyaci

Maxwell Akora, clan leader of Oyima thanked the electoral commission for their efforts to make sure that the election takes place on January, 31. According to Akora, they are waiting for the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to gazette the new Paramount Chief.

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Canon Richard Ogwang Odyero, clan leader of Ogora requested clan leaders to allow the electoral commission to do their job without any interference from someone.

Odyero said those handling the “Itogo” department need to work hard to unite some clans currently with two or three clan leaders before the election day. He wants all the clans to participate in the planned election.

Geoffrey Etwop is the clan leader of Ober. He said it’s their work to contribute money and hand it over to the electoral commission early.

The Lango Paramount Chief, Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii urged members of the Council to welcome the election. Won Nyaci Yosam said he is ready to move across Lango sub-region as he vacates the office on December 31, 2024.

By Arao Denis

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