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Ogwang Adonyo: The guy wanted for ‘conning Lango, State House’ when he wishes   

(Last Updated On: 11 January 2024)

Lira I For those who have known Moses Ogwang Adonyo, he looks calm, always deliberating and planning. For more than 10 years now, he is among those widely known across Lango.

Ogwang’s rise to prominence though, firstly, was when he and others dragged the government to court for livestock stolen from Lango households. Under the Lango War Claimants Association (LWCA), the government was defeated in court and ordered to pay damages and compensations to thousands of claimants.  

With all the positive efforts he has put before, Ogwang seems to have reborn himself. In the voices of his associates and that of the ‘State’ – Ogwang has become “a conman and dealer with connections”. 

Currently, he is wanted for conning millions of shillings from a section of Lango War Claimants Association members and the State House.

Before taking at least 630 members of the association to Rwakitura on Christmas Eve purportedly to meet President Yoweri Museveni, corresponding voices say Ogwang had collected between shs120, 000 to shs130, 000 from each of the members for transport. 

Not less than shs81m was collected by Ogwang. The money, tndNews has been told, was misused and or ‘eaten’ by Ogwang and his ‘State House’ agent – Atim Vicky.  

Early this week, coordinators under LWCA ‘reported’ Ogwang Adonyo to security officials in Lira City and asked for their support to handle their man. 

Geoffrey Obua Okwe is the coordinator of Alebtong district. “For Ogwang Adonyo to con Lango is not a good thing. On October 12, 2023, he lied to us and took us to the State House; he told us he had communicated with the officials at the State House. 

“We suffered there and later the State House did us a favour and gave each shs200, 000 for lunch and a transport refund of shs14m. Ogwang Adonyo ate the transport refund, we are not happy about it.

“Again, on December 24, he assembled us and took us to Rwakitura. While there, we were told, “Look, today is Sunday and Christmas Eve, there is no way we can get money to give you because you cannot see the President.ogwang adonyo

“From Rwakitura, Ogwang was given the phone number of someone and told to collect [our] money from him in Kampala in the night. When we arrived in Kampala, Ogwang left us in the bus, went and picked up the shs20m we were given for meals. He disappeared with that money until today.”

Before meeting Lira City security officials early this week, Okwe said they had a meeting at Lira Hotel with Engola Sam, senior Presidential advisor, Lango. At Lira Hotel, he said Engola called Dr Kenneth Omona, the Principal Private Secretary to President Museveni Yoweri who confirmed that the State House gave Ogwang Adonyo shs20m for his team.

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“On the contrary, when we call Ogwang, he tells us that he never collected the money. He thinks Dr Omona can lie to us?” 

“We have come to the office of the RCC to request him to help us recover the money from Ogwang,” Okwe told journalists in Lira City.

Like Okwe, chairman of Apac district who doubles as regional chairman LWCA, Dickens Etom Odongo, said, “We are not happy with what Moses Ogwang Adonyo is doing for the Lango sub-region at large. On October 12, 2023, he mobilized 270 people from Lango to meet the President. Atim Vicky was a lady he was coordinating with and Ogwang told us he coordinates with her to take people to the State House to meet the President.

“Again, on 24, December last year, the same Ogwang took 630 people (us) to Rwakitura on an assurance that we were going to meet the President. When we reached Rwakitura, the ‘masses’ from Lango got stranded. Dr Kenneth Omona came out and talked to us and said, “You people have made a mistake. If you are coming to meet the President, you don’t come like you have. How will 630 people meet the President, and for what reason?” 

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We were told to return home. “If you want to meet the President, the RCC, RDC and MPs of that area should be informed and they will give us [State House] information that people are coming to meet the President. You don’t just come locally like this,” Etom remembered what Dr Omona told them.

“Ogwang was given shs20m to give to the people he had mobilized and no one received the money. Even out of shs120, 000 and shs130,000 he collected from each of the 630 people, there was a balance of shs24m. Where he took it, we don’t know. On December 10, we had shs14m and we don’t know where he took it. Ogwang has eaten all this money. 

“He comes and lies to us that he is taking people to the State House with Atim Vicky. This is a bad misfortune by Ogwang to allow Lango to get shame in the eyes of the President.

“We are requesting the leaders to help us establish where Ogwang Adonyo is, to come and explain to us. We also want Atim Vicky who says she works at State House brought to us. Unfortunately, our investigations reveal she is a super con woman and she works with Ogwang Adonyo.”

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Onapa Patrick, coordinator Dokolo, said: “We are here today thinking if possible the RCC will help us with the scams made by Ogwang Adonyo for a long time. There was a trip we took to Kampala and Ogwang Adonyo told us we would meet Lango MPs, the Attorney General and the President. When we reached Kampala, we were told there was no arrangement for us to meet the President and our MPs. We returned after seeing the Attorney General.

“When Ogwang told us of the most recent trip to meet the President, we were happy and personally I informed my people of Dokolo who won a case against the government that this time the present is going to talk to us. We left for Rwakitura. While there, we were told there was no information about our going.”

Onapa estimates that the money remaining with Ogwang, including shs20m given to him for their meals and another shs11m for transport from Kampala to Lango is more than shs30m. 

Lira City RCC Egole Lawrence addressed journalists shortly after receiving concerns from coordinators. Egole said coordinators told him there is a man identified as Moses Ogwang Adonyo who mobilizes them and takes them to Kampala claiming he had secured appointments to meet the President.

“When they got there, they found there was no arrangement in place for the purported meeting with the President,” Egole said, adding, “They told me that they have faced challenges three times already: they are taken to Kampala, there’s no food to eat, no accommodation…

“They have come here saying they are not happy because the most recent time they were taken to Rwakitura, Ogwang Adonyo collected from them between shs120, 000 to shs130, 000. The smallest amount anyone would pay was shs 120, 000. Each traveller, according to buses’ managers, was paid shs80,000. It means that out of the money collected, the amount remaining with Ogwang and Atim Vicky is shs24m.

“I have also heard that Ogwang is saying he’s planning to mobilize more people and take them to Kampala. No one should accept to waste his time going to Kampala to meet the President. To meet the President, there are procedures. The office of the RCC and RDC must know.

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“No one should accept to collect any money for Ogwang. Shockingly, in Kampala, Ogwang reportedly asked the State House for money for fuel for buses which took people to Rwakitura from Lira. Each bus got 140 litres of fuel. Investigation reveals that fuel was siphoned along the way, sold and money shared and Ogwang was the mastermind.

According to Egole, Atim Vicky has an ongoing court case for conning people claiming she is taking them to the State House. “So, I have directed the Police [as you have heard] to investigate this case so that Ogwang Adonyo and his allies account for the money they are conning from Ugandans purportedly to meet the President.”

Is Ogwang Adonyo working for a cartel to defraud Lango and President Museveni, including getting a share of the huge State House budget? Is Ogwang working with Atim for their prosperity? These are some of the questions tndNews had wanted to ask Ogwang. Unfortunately, his known phone numbers currently never go through.

Arao Denis, Lead writer 

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